Thursday, January 12, 2012


Somebody sent these to me in an email . . . S.L.

Pictures of Tower Bridge During Construction Found in a Dumpster.

This is one of the London's most beloved landmarks as you've never seen her before; never-before-seen pictures of Tower Bridge unveiled after the stash of hundred-year-old prints were found in a dumpster in London.

Coinciding with the 125th anniversary of the bridge's foundation, the 50 sepia photos reveal in incredible detail the ingenuity behind one of the capital's most popular tourist destinations, which was the first bridge of its kind in the world.

The discarded were discovered in 2006 in a dumpster, by a caretaker looking after a building being converted into apartments. He wrapped them in brown paper, put them in a bag and stashed them under a bed.

The unique pictures, dating back to 1892, document the construction the iconic bridge, which at the time was a landmark feat of engineering nicknamed ‘The Wonder Bridge’.

Many of the sepia prints dating back to 1892 are in good condition. Several of the photographs are dated and clearly show how the bridge was put together over a space of eight years.

Memorable scenes include turn-of-the-century labourers taking orders from a site foreman in a bowler hat, and a shot of the bridge's original steam-powered engine room, which could open the bridge in less than a minute.

Tower Bridge remains one of the capital's most iconic structures and a tourist attraction today, 125 years after building started.



  1. They do not breed men like that any more!

  2. Thanks for sharing that Storm! Shared with my wife with whom we both were there in 2009 and went over that very bridge. VERY COOL!! INCREDIBLE STORY!!!

  3. Was stationed in UK in the mid-sixties...Great pics!

    1. I hard a story, that we had several F-100's from Lakenheath, fly through the bridge in the mid-sixties. I think it's fair to say, they got in trouble. ;)