Friday, June 8, 2012


Disgraceful . . .

Indictment: Army Command Sergeant Major Claimed Purple Hearts, Bronze Star To Get $57K In Veterans Benefits

RIVERSIDE (CBS) — Prosecutors say an active-duty command sergeant major in the U.S. Army lied about his combat record and claimed to receive two Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star for valor in order get disability, medical and educational benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

William John Roy, 57, of Winchester, was charged Wednesday by a federal grand jury on seven felony counts of defrauding the VA and the Department of Defense. Roy will be summoned to appear next month in United States District Court for arraignment, the U.S. Attorney’s Office spokesman Thom Mrozek said.

Prosecutors say Roy was awarded more than $27,000 in disability benefits based on his fraudulent claims. Roy also obtained more than $30,000 in educational benefits for his daughter based on his claims, according to the indictment.

Roy is accused of making false statements and submitting fake military documentation to the VA in 2007 in order to get disability, medical and educational benefits.

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It's 'This We'll Defend' not 'How Much Can I Game the System' - I served twenty-five years on Airborne status, in Infantry and Special Forces units on five continents. I've got two compressed disks, two compression fractures in my spine, shot knees and a circulatory problem that swells up my lower left leg and causes numbness and swelling in my left foot and all I got was 10% for tinnitus - I sh*t you not - and I didn't have the shame to game the system because I'm still making my living by soldiering with my boots on. This guy's embezzelment is a drop in the bucket - like so many others he made E-9 by gaming it and he could have gotten 35% disability without gaming it but he got greedy and look at him now; if Roy is convicted on all the charges, he faces a statutory maximum sentence of 55 years. That's what you get for getting greedy I guess . . .

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  1. First of all, there is no 35% in any VA decision. They are always 10, 20, 30, etc. Second, if the disabilities you mention, knees, back etc., are documented in your SMRs, you should be compensated for that. If it's not documented (lots of military, 'specially SF guys, DO NOT GO TO SICK CALL - EVAH) then there are alternatives; are you still in touch w/people you knew on active duty - they can make a statement about it as well as family members. You need a good Service Organization, I would recommend American Legion but you're free to pick and choose. You do not have to belong to the organization to get Free help. Good luck

  2. This is nothing compared to what 0bama has gotten from us all with his lies....I can hardly wait until prosecutors go after him.
    The Rosenbergs did far less and look what happened to them.