Tuesday, June 5, 2012


The following email came from a member of Team STORMBRINGER in the Great State of Wisconsin - the significance of that should not be lost; today is Governor Scott Walker's recall election and I've been wondering how I can show support for this brave man. I'm posting this because like the woman mentioned in the story below, I am an immigrant, and every inch of success I have achieved in my life, I owe to the opportunities made possible by the freedoms we enjoy in this great, God-blessed nation of ours. - STORMBRINGER SENDS


I hope this story isn’t too long . . . it’s percolating and the grounds haven’t settled out yet.

Something interesting happened at work yesterday. I work with a young lady from the Ukraine. She was an emergency nurse in that country and her hubby was an emergency doctor. They decided to immigrate to America for the opportunity that is here. And when they got here, none of their education transferred. Both of them had to go back to school and get an American degree.

Well this young lady, Irina, went back home for 3 weeks to visit family. Yesterday was her first day back (boy did we miss her, she is a worker!) Well after everybody oohed and awwed over her being back; she started telling me about the “situation” of her family in the Old country.

I view Irina as one of those folks that saw America as a land of opportunity and grabbed the brass ring without fear. She is a testament to what America is all about.

She was disturbed about what she saw and experienced back home. She had been back to the old country about 16 months ago for her fathers funeral and after that visit she felt as if her family was in a “good” place as far as health, wealth and housing. Now, she reports that things are “starting to fall apart back there”. She said that everybody in the neighborhood seems to be a little bit more scruffy. There is less variety in the market. Gas and electricity prices have soared. Her sister, a fashion maven and a bank employee, hasn’t purchased any new clothes since the funeral; they are too expensive. Irinas mother doesn’t “even buy any meat because it’s too expensive,” . . . “All she eats is salads and soup.” And according to Irina they are very adept at brushing away her concerns and making excuses for the situation.

I didn’t know what to say. I was torn between silently commiserating and loudly proclaiming “Ain’t America Great!!!!”

I’ve been mulling this over and in my flea brain I think I just got a first hand report on the deterioration of the Slavic countries. AND I have this feeling that, that could be in Americas future.

I know, I know, it’s a serendipity thingy that happened. It’s only one small microcosm and can’t really predict something happening in America. But, the sense of futility from Irina was real. The sense of “I left to make my life better; why are they just sitting in that mess . . . ” was very strong.

I recognize in Irina the gem of truth that makes America what it is and stands for. That gem is one of self preservation. That gem is one of the need for self realization. That gem is one of self empowerment. That gem is fostered in this very unique country of ours. And I think Irina ran smack dab into a hard wall of realization. I think Irina is seeing her family in a different light. Her family is happy to let things happen. Her family is happy to slide through life. Her family is happy to be subjugated. And Irina is upset with what she sees. Her family is content to sit in the “mess” that Irina knows could be eliminated. The mess could be eliminated if they would just understand that they deserve better. It could be eliminated by them grabbing ahold of the brass ring of opportunity that is dangling in front of them.

We native born Americans should never pass up the chance to grab that brass ring! Whether it’s the simple act of voting or standing up and voicing our opinion in a meeting. We should grab ahold of any and every opportunity and wring out of it every gem we can!

Right now I’m going to grab an opportunity and go vote. I live in Madison, WI (the socialist center of the midwest) and I’m going to cast my ballot for common sense and fiscal responsibility. AND I’m casting a ballot against the craziness of progressive thought. But that’s a topic for another day!

- Steve

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