Friday, June 22, 2012


The President of the United States Barak Husssein Obama bows to el Presidente de Mexico Felipe Calderón . . . am I the only one who thinks this is like a line out of some alternate reality science fiction novel?

A subjective slur from the Anointed One, He-Who-Bows. The guy is so freaking arrogant, and so ignorant of the real world, that he doesn't even know it when he disrespects hundreds of thousands of veterans who have made something of their lives thanks to skills & experience gained through military service - includeing Yours Truly.

I came away from my military service with three MOS's (Military Occupational Specialties) and a couple languages under my belt. I was able to use the academic credentials from this training and other service schools and matriculate to a Bachelor of Science degree in civil engineering. These days I work in security, in the corporate environment - the people I work with recognize that the skills learned in NCO service schools equate to graduate level credentials. American NCOs possess organizational, management and planning skills and experience that no MBA course can provide upon graduation.

- S. L.

Equating a High School Diploma with Service in the Military?

by Richard Butrick

President Obama has equated graduating high school (or obtaining a GED) with military service, in terms of justifying granting work permits to illegal aliens of a certain age.

There is a long history of legal residents who are non-citizens serving in the military. During the Civil War one quarter of the Union Army was made up of immigrants. Last year 8,465 non-citizens enlisted in the U.S. armed forces (4.6 percent of total enlistments). Currently, 28,591 non-citizens are on active duty (2.5 percent of active duty forces).

There is also a long tradition of service in the military being a fast track to citizenship.

Service in the military is seen as the highest form of patriotism especially if that service involves combat. Service in the military means you have demonstrated the extent of your belief in the value of being an American citizen.

Getting a high school diploma? It may demonstrate next to nothing. Some high school graduates can barely read or write. They have barely any knowledge of US history and can't even name the three branches of government. They may just come out with an attitude that the US sucks.

Bundling military service with getting a high school diploma as part of Obama's declaration is pure subterfuge. The former is already a fast track to citizenship the latter may be little basis for much of anything.

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Anyway like I pointed out the other day - it is impossible for an undocumented person - alien or US citizen it doesn't matter - to make it into the United States military so the point is mute. Just goes to show how much Barry Soetero knows about the military of which he is the nominal Commander-in-Chief.



  1. Don't usually 'correct' people regarding their blogs but it is 'moot' not 'mute'. Misuse of terminology tends to detract from one's credibility...........
    Anywho ;-) - apparently my 30+ years of active and reserve service is not 'worth' any more than my high school diploma...............

    1. Never really got my head around that moot thing anyway . . .

    2. Me neither ;-) My keyboard has a tendency to misspell all too frequently!
      Them homophones (not to be confused with homophobes) or words that are nearly the same can be so confusing - that's what makes English (American?) so hard for others to learn as a second language.

  2. I believe that immigrants (like you, Stormy, and me) feel more strongly about this than most 'Homegrown Americans'.

    It's sad. I'd have loved to have had the advantage of being born here.