Sunday, July 1, 2012


The officer fatally shot by a soldier under his command at the Fort Bragg, North Carolina, Army base has been identified as a highly decorated veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

Lt. Col Roy Tisdale, 42, was a decorated veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

Tisdale, commander of the 525th Brigade Special Troops Battalion, was killed on Thursday by another member of his unit. The shooter, who has not been identified, was in critical condition after turning his weapon on himself. A third soldier, Specialist Michael Latham, 22, suffered a non-life threatening wound.

The shooting occurred as Tisdale gathered his unit for a safety briefing before the soldiers' July 4th training holiday four-day weekend.

This was such an unnecessary tragedy - an honorable man is down. I didn't know this man but I know so many like him - the Army is a family and the paratrooper fraternity is tight - I wouldn't be surprised if I've crossed paths with him at Bragg - in the mess halls, out in the training areas, at the PX and commissary, or possibly downrange in the Sand Pile.

Get this: the piece-of-sh*t who did this shooting was facing court martial for stealing a tool box from the motor pool. I hope the troops in that formation dogpiled his worthless ass before the MPs got there. - S.L.


  1. i believe he should have been in the brig for stealing and not out with his fellow troops marching. A crime is a crime and when you commit one you must be separated from your unit. Anybody who calls this workplace violence should be removed from office. It is also treasonous to not give the shooters identity because of political correctness! Where is our courage?

  2. 1. I heard that shooter has in fact succumbed to his wounds.

    2. I also hear that the good Colonel's troops did indeed dogpile the shooter, not as soldierly justice, but to stop him. Running to the sound of the guns. That's a shitload more a core ethos than any crap printed on a card and handed out by the Chief of Staff.

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