Friday, April 12, 2013

If You Voted for Obama Because . . .

. . . of his work experience, then you are delusional.

. . . of his qualifications, then you are ignorant.

. . . of his economic plan, then you are a moron.

. . . he is black, then you are a racist.

. . . you want free stuff, then you are greedy.

. . . your union told you to, then you are a tool.

. . . you want free healthcare, then you are an idiot.

BUT, if you voted for him because you TRULY know what he stands for, then you are a traitor.



  1. Excellent list - and if you voted for him for any other reason - well you are probably a dead chicagoan.........................

  2. Easy there.

    Some people voted for him because that's how the voting machine was pre-programmed, no matter which lever you pulled.

  3. What do we call Senators who confirmed Kerry?
    I get angry each time I hear "Secretary of State John Kerry" To think a man who once told our enemies in war they could agree to any terms in the peace negotiations because his party would seek to make it impossible for us to enforce them is now our top diplomat.