Monday, April 15, 2013


‘I Get A $3,000 Bonus Per Veteran For Seizing Their Guns’: V.A. Psychiatrist Exposes National Gun Confiscation Operation


  1. I use the Dallas VA on an almost monthly basis. In the last three years I have probably seen about 30 physicians, both staff and med school residents. As an inpatient I was required to see a psychiatrist and a social worker. Not one single time did anyone mention guns. Not once.

    I have heard this VA and guns thing a few times from conspiracy theorists and extreme right wing Internet sites. The info is ALWAYS given anonymously.

    I am a gun nut. A former SF 11B4S. My antennae are up for anything like these folks claim. Not once has it been shown to me at the VA. There is enough conspiracy with the obama reign as it is without making false rumors or unproven claims by over excited folks. This site has many vet readers. It would be great to hear of any experiences anyone has had to substantiate these rumors of the VA setting up vets for gun confiscation. I will state the fact I was not seen for any psychological reasons so maybe only the vets with PTSD(real or claimed for $$) are vetted for gun ownership.

    1. - Dallas ain't exactly the eye of the gun-grabbing storm. But on the Left Coast or in the Northeast? Having lived there this kind of action wouldn't surprise me in the least.
      - Patient information is protected by the HIPAA act. Releasing it is illegal, unless by the patient, i.e. "They called me mentally unstable and took my guns away!" I doubt any sane person wants that kind of stigma, so would we hear about it?
      I too, am skeptical about the $3K claim, but nothing surprises me anymore. Nothing tactic is beneath this admin in the pursuit of its goals (Fast & Furious, anyone?). Maybe the funds actually do exist, and were part of the stimulus bill, or the Affordable Health Care Act nobody read. Lord knows this admin loves to pass cash to its political allies. Their view on returning vets is on record.

    2. They do not have to mention GUNS. All they need to do is give your name to the Government and they will add your name to the list of Americans not allowed to purchase guns and you will never know why...

  2. Smoky - you are correct - it would be proper to have some documentation on this issue. But then again, just because you have not personally seen it happen doesn't mean it isn't. I personally haven't either (yet) but then again my exposure to the VA has been somewhat limited - heck it took them over 2 years to make an initial determination for my claim (final resolution still pending even thought they upped my percentage once already), even though I got medically retired for various injuries.
    IOW - the jury is still out on this specific issue but there is no doubt that there are folks out there who will use any means fair or foul to deny Vets their rights to own firearms.

    OTB MCPO sends...............

  3. The Brady Bill kicks in when the Veteran is deemed incompetent due to medication for the service connected disability such as PTSD, Parkinson's Disease, etc..
    Having listened to as much of this as I can, less than 15 minutes, I doubt that this is a VA doctor. I work as a Veteran Service officer and that's what I've seen

  4. Put this in your pipe and smoke it:


    He didn't even OWN a gun - they institutionalized him for what he said on Facebook!