Tuesday, April 23, 2013


While we're desperately searching for clues as to the Tsarnaev brother's support cell and other portions of the terrorist infrastructure, the Media is going out of their way to portray these inhuman scum as anything but what they are: Islamic Fundamentalist Terrorist Enemy Combatants. The Obama Whitehouse can call them what they are; they are no different than the 9/11 Nineteen, or for that matter Major Hassan of Fort Hood infamy - S.L.

WSJ Columnist: Boston Muslim Terrorists “Just Like US Irish & Jews Who Were All Communists”
Debbie Schlussel brings to our attention how the media bending over and spreading their cheeks for Islam and the Islamic terrorist Tsarnaev Brothers is getting more ridiculous by the minute, now with absurd, anti-Semitic comparisons of them to the Irish and the Jews: Pulitzer-Prize winning columnist Bret Stephens Wall Street Journal columnist and former Jerusalem Post Editor-in-Chief, compares the tiny minority of Irish-Americans' inexcusable support and financing of the terrorist Irish Republican Army to Islamic radicals blowing up and/or mass murdering their fellow Americans; and that Jews in America in the 1920s and ’30s were mostly Communist radicals.

Huh? Well I'm of Irish heritage - three-quarters in fact - and one of the big problems I always had with The Struggle was the Marxist nature of the PIRA - a tiny minority of the Irish people. My people never tossed any bombs, never shot up any Army bases and for damn sure never flew any planes into buildings so you can count me out of any Communist / Terrorist labels there thank you very much Mister-Big-Shot-Pulitzer-Winning-Hack-Journo - S.L.

Then of course we have ultra-Left-wing mouthpiece and moron Chris Matthews leading the Left-Leaning Lamestream Media pack to the defense of the Boston Bombers: "What Difference Does It Make Why They Did It?"

I dunno Chris - you tell me? Might it be so that we can understand the Islamic threat from within America; who is converting to this sick twisted ideology, what this phenomenon looks like as it presents itself, where they go to recieve training, when and how the terrorists plan, rehearse and become operational in their deadly plots? If none of the above seem logical reasons to know why terrorists - homegrown, self-recruited or otherwise - are killing Americans, then you need to turn in your press card and do something your puny intellect can handle. Like parking cars or maybe mowing lawns, perhaps - S.L.

FOX “Fair & Balanced” News isn't coming out of this thing smelling like a rose either: Geraldo Laments Real Victims of Boston Terrorists, “My Muslim Brothers & Sisters”:

I guarantee if the Boston Bombers had turned out to be some kind of Timothy McVeigh nutjob, we'd never hear the end of the assault on white Tea Party NRA members. The irony of this entire episode is that the Boston Bombers WERE "clinging to their guns and religion." How inconvenient that their religion is the same as Barack "I-will-stand-with-the-Muslims-should-the-political-winds-shift-in-an-ugly-direction" Obama a.k.a. Barry Soetoro:

This state of affairs is absolutely disgraceful. At this time I am straining to recall a point in our history when the Fourth Estate in America behaved more like a Fifth Column.


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