Saturday, August 17, 2013


I often refer to myself as a philosopher, although my trade is soldiering . . . S.L.

Nowadays I earn my living via the knowledge and skills picked up over twenty-five years of wearing the war suit. That is what I do for pay, but I walk this Earth as an observer, a student of human nature and a seeker of truth. Along with honoring our heroes, this is really what Blog STORMBRINGER endeavors to represent.

Nowadays we have psychologists, these are the modern philosophers and Freud was the first of this genre. There is much knowledge to glean from the Moderns, but I do not turn my back on the wisdom of the Ancients. I try to view the world through the prism of Ancient Greece and Rome, as much as possible. This outlook, along with my spiritualism makes for an interesting life journey.

Three Types of Dreams

The Ancients had all kinds of beliefs about dreams, from astral travel to glimpses into the future to supernatural visitations.

Spiritualy, the Moderns also have differing opinions about dreams. Freud believed that various aspects of dreams had specific symbolism, reflective of our subconscious psyches. This seems to make absolute sense. However, many Moderns seem to believe that dreams are nothing more than a kind of mental static, random & abstract images as the brain cleansing itself of the previous days myriad of thoughts and impressions. This also seems to make sense.

Myself, I believe there are three types of dreams. Most of them are as mentioned above, a sort of deprogramming of all the mental garbage that goes through our cerebellum each and every day. If we retained every thought and opinion experienced during the course of a day, we'd go stark raving mad. Some dreams, however, have deeper significance.

There are some dreams that are so vivid that you never forget them. Sometimes they are repeat dreams that come back on a regular basis - this can mean many things. The sensation of reality in these kind of dreams makes them stand apart from the usual nightly rinsing of the mind. I present to you three dreams; this first dream came to me more than ten years ago and I have never forgotten it. As events bore out, this dream was obviously a symbolic harbinger of future events which unfolded for me.

The First Dream

I was back in Bangkok...

it was the Bangkok of the 1970s where I grew up...

It was a party in somebody's apartment. All my friends were there, the teenagers I'd gone to high school with at the International School. We were adults now, but the surroundings were of the 1970s. The apartment had the cement walls, the screened windows; louvered slats of glass that opened when you turned a little aluminum crank, lots of dark teakwood inside; teakwood parquet floors, teakwood furniture, teakwood paneling.

So many of the old crew was there; Tessie & Ralphie, Rebecca S., Shelley, Jeff Snark, Mark the Ferret, Charlotte T., Ann, Johnny A & Wayne Bro; but we were all grown up now. You must understand that because we were ex-pat kids, once we graduated the International School we literally flew away to the four corners of the Earth. At the time I had this dream, I had not laid eyes on most of these folks in more than two decades.

I recall at one point we were congregating in one of the bedrooms, only it was not furnished as a bedroom. It was bare, and I was looking out those louvered windows at the Bangkok street scene outdoors. It was the usual Bangkok street scene - lots of cement buildings, grimy from the air pollution, heavy traffic.

Then, as things do in dreams, the scene outside the windows changed. The grimy noisy Bangkok of the 1970s became a colorful open field, very pastoral but not natural somehow. There was a definite artificiality to the fields and the electric-blue sky, and I don't know how to say it but the place seemed to lack a distant horizon. . We were looking out at an other-worldly scene.

In the center of this strange field was an arrangement of pipes, painted bright colors: red & blue & yellow. The pipes elbowed all around and intersected themselves over and under and all around at ninety-degree angles. We left the apartment and walked out to wander amongst them. We wondered what they were for, what was their purpose?

Because I'm an engineer I can analyze systems and have a knowledge of industrial facilities. I could sense the pipes were energized somehow, there was a definite energy field about the apparatus, and it suddenly dawned on me we were in the middle of some kind of machine! The lack of any kind of moving parts suggested the thing made use of harmonic energy - and when I became aware of that I became slightly unnerved.

"Hey guys!" I announced, "I know what this thing is! It's a TIME MACHINE!!!"

We looked about in wonder at the thing, not understanding what it meant, yet marveling at the fact that it was indeed a time machine. That's about as far as the dream goes.

Dream Interpretation

What is remarkable is that at the time of that dream, I had not seen any of my old school mates since the late Seventies. Since the time of that dream - thanks to the modern phenomenon of the Internet and social media - I have managed to reconnect with most of my old friends from high school.

There are one or two holdouts but I know where they are, and I hear from them or of them from time to time. We have re-unions, once every two years, either on the East Coast or the West Coast. We have websites and Facebook pages and so often its like going back in time, or looking through a time portal, or as if time itself has stood still.

This dream represented an unusual glimpse into the future; a sort of symbolic foretelling of a future nobody could have imagined at the time I dreamed this dream.

More to follow . . . Dream Saga 2 is next . . .