Thursday, August 8, 2013


I don't know if I told you about my twin brother down in Aussie. Heres a pic of the last time we were together. Cheers -S.L.


  1. You guys are so ugly you're cute. Cheers

  2. I always thought you were a just confirmed it!

  3. sean:

    my favorites.

    the duck billed platypus. got me through high school biology (i didn't do so hot w/ spelling, but, the above is "close.")

    the thing is, there isn't anything that the duck billed platy ain't. it's a mammal, but it lays eggs and doesn't suckle its young w/ breasts, it just "oozes."

    it has poison glands.

    it's blind.

    it's a predator.

    and, there is that thing w/ the "duck's" bill, and the webbed feet.

    what a wonderful critter.

    john jay

  4. Another thing the platypus duck isn't: it isn't a mammal.

    It's a marsupial, just like its cousins the wombat, the kanga, the possum and the vampire drop bear.

    There IS a mammal that has poison glands, however - the human female - the only known mammal with poison claws and poison fangs.