Monday, August 5, 2013


This emerged from a conversation with my cousin, who with her husband, is well known in literary circles. They claim that if I am to be taken seriously, I should drop The Birds. At the same time I pointed out that the rags they write for - Newsweek and the Daily Beast - featured 50 Shades of Grey on the front cover with EXPLICIT excerpts within, and have a real-life porn star as a feature writer, who dishes up garbage for the elite to dine on. In the meantime I'm the reprobate. Whatever . . . S.L.

Perhaps this is the best time to explore why I post cheesecake pics on a site dedicated to honor, philosophy, and military themes? Simple: since time immemorial warriors have decorated chariots, ships, victory monuments and wall lockers with scanitly clad, beautiful women:

Figurehead tall ship Golden Hind

Back when it was the Army Air Corp the paint schemes on the planes were so much cooler.

Incredibly risqué in her time, Betty's coy over-the-shoulder come hither pose is now considered a timeless classic.

OK I'll stop now before I get off-topic - I could dedicate an entire post to WWII bomber nose art and pinup girls - the point is there was once a time our society was advanced and mature enough to handle images of scantily clad women, babes, dolls, femmes, dames and members of the opposite sex, without a bunch of phony offense. In carrying on this warrior tradition I'm told I'm a pornographer by 'real' journalists . . . meanwhile the Keepers of the Flame over at Newsweek pump pure filth into the direct mainstream but that's okay because it's 'cultural'. Yeah R-I-I-I-G-H-T . . .

"That's my story and I'm sticking to it."



  1. The birds are of course a splendid and necessary component of this site.

    However, the birds under the link are not always as elegant as the tasteful exhibition put out to the public in this post!

    "…I sat grimly on, wishing I’d gone into Holy Orders and ignoring the blandishments of sundry viragos of the sort you can have for fourpence with a mutton pie and a pint of beer thrown in, but better not, for the pie meat’s sure to be off."

    Flashman and the Mountain of Light

  2. The lunatics have overrun the asylum. I spent 4 hours recently at SAPR training out of a 20 hour drill weekend. Reason is the LTC running the program for the chair force tried to sexually assault a young woman less than 1 mile from his office one weekend. The mayor of San Diego clainms he wasnt trained about sexual harrasment so he is suing the county over his punishmenr for being an asshat, and AAFES has dropped adult reading material at the PX because some non military woose comlained it wasn't right.
    We used to be more mature about this topic, and then we swallowed the blue pill and were lulabyed with a false song about equality, and freedom.

  3. Philistines! They obviously cannot appreciate the world's oldest art form.


  4. Keep on bringing the birds. Those who complain will complain about anything. This is cultural Marxism, "gotta destroy the traditions of the past to bring about the new socialist future."

  5. Once again...its about constraining others because THEY can't constrain themselves.


  6. Yeah,
    The Birds have got to stay.
    Not like they're right in your face anyway. You've done a good job to put up a door, and if people choose to open it, it's their hand on the knob to close it again if they don't like what's in the room.
    Keep on keeping on, your site is a daily visit for me, birds or no.
    But I do check in on them with each visit too.
    It's nice to be refreshed with the exquisite beauty that is womankind.

  7. I only read the articles...

    It's your corner, decorate it anyway you wish.

  8. Why would any man wish to be "taken seriously" by effete, politically correct, pseudo-intellectual snobs, especially those who get paychecks from Tina Brown?

  9. OK, what the hell happened? When I went into the US Army in 1966 the 'Ballad of the Green Berets' was the number one hit. Every GI in uniform no matter what age could drink 3.2 beer in the PX for 15 to 25 cents a can. Smokes were 25 cents a pack, cheaper by the carton and free with C-rats in the field. GI's were expected to have cheese cake magazines and pin ups. Overseas stuff was cheaper and the class six stores sold liquor for $1.50 and up per bottle.

    I am an old man now and my wife thinks it is kind of funny how us old guys send excerpts of military stuff to each other along with pictures of half naked women. Not porno stuff but we like to admire pretty women and pretty airplanes so what's the problem. With all of the smut on TV and the crap kids are exposed to now I just don't get it when you are criticized for the Lovely Birds.

    Keep up the good work.