Saturday, January 4, 2014


Regard the altruitic, ambivalent attitudes of the American idealists who stayed behind . . .

. . . and compare their outlook on the so-called "liberation" of Saigon with the fate of these former South Vietnamese officers, these are the lucky ones who escaped the bloodbath, but remained in re-education camps for ten years after the fall:

Watch to the end; the interview with the prisoner that starts at 5:25 is riveting. As you watch it, consider - this is the re-education camp the Communists allow Americans to visit, make video and interview the inmates. This is their 'Potemkin Village.'

Everyone in the world should see this video, and videos like it. Too many take freedom for granted, and think that peace grows on trees. Never take freedom for granted. When you hear the words "Freedom is not free" - this is the kind of price that is paid . . .



  1. You are so right that this is their jewel camp. I worked in a machine shop with a man names Thien who had been a policeman in Saigon when it fell. He spent a number of years in the camps and the reality was closer to Schindler's List than this video. It doesn't register with me when I hear someone being interviewed on TV tell of killings and atrocities, but it did get through to me, talking with a man who survived such a place. Everyday in his camp, each inmate was given a machete and a quota of trees to cut down. Each evening, a group was formed of people who did not cut their quota. One of those people was taken from the group and shot in front of everyone.
    I know that even much worse is possible, but I think of what Thien told me, when I see Jane Fonda living the good life, or bill Clinton, or any of the current apologists for the communists and radical islamists.

  2. TomR, armed in TexasJanuary 4, 2014 at 7:17 PM

    I do not regret my time in Vietnam fighting communists. I served with a lot of good South Vietnamese soldiers and had numerous Vietnamese friends, Our effort was noble.

    I do, however, hate the politicians that let us down and negated the sacrifices of we Americans and the South Vietnamese. The aim point of my bitterness are the traitors like John Kerry, Jane Fonda, the Democratic Party and the MSM. Piss on all of them.

    I am also somewhat bitter of my unwelcome homecoming.