Saturday, January 4, 2014


The Information Age is great - I can have running conversations with people on the other side of the planet. This came out of a meeting with Special Agent SUPERFREAK over in the UK, planning the next phase of Project STORMBRINGER . . . this vid clip is the FREAK's favorite Stones tune . . . S.L.

I was stationed in Okinawa when this show was on, we used to watch it on the Armed Forces Far East Network. The intro was the best part of the whole show, the stories were lame. Back in those days there was one channel on the F.E.N. so you watched what they wanted you to watch. All the G.I.s called "F.E.N." the Forced Entertainment Network.


STORMBRINGER: I just spent the last hour and a half clearing walkways and half the driveway so we can get in & out in case of emergency . . . too much wind blowing snow to do all at once. Blowing snow & ice all over my face.

SUPERFREAK: I'll trade if you like, I'd rather be clearing snow than watching the rain piss down.

STORMBRINGER: I was thinking about that while I was handling that snow blower like a team of mules.

SUPERFREAK: Thinking about what?

STORMBRINGER: About how we get these great winters while y'all get mostly rain . . . but YOU'RE in JOLLY OLDE ENGLAND . . . while I'm stuck in boring old North America.

SUPERFREAK: Anyone who would swop "Jolly Olde England" for America must be considered clinically insane and immediately locked up for their own safety! For all the problems at the moment, the U.S. is still the land of opportunity. Britain is the land of missed chances and lost opportunity. We are still being made to pay by the rest of the world for the sins of our forefathers,we are overrun by immigrants who we daren't say no to, despite the fact they are draining our resources. A large portion of our own citizens seem to think they are owed a living without them having to lift a finger whilst deserving people get screwed over yet again . . . who would choose that?!!

STORMBRINGER: You guys need a Tea Party.

SUPERFREAK:We've already got a Tea Party going on over here, our kind of Tea Party . . .

. . . what we need is a bloody miracle!

True, that . . . although they've just about ballsed things up permanently over here with the Obamacare, and the lovers & admirers of Northern European Socialism are in for a rude shock when they see how much inefficient, low budget Government healthcare is going to cost in taxes, fees and penalties . . .


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  1. I remember FEN, It was the only channel in English when we lived in the P.I., Subic Bay 1980-1983. I was 10 when we moved there.