Tuesday, February 4, 2014


BUGGER! My reading glasses just decided to field strip themselves . . . S.L.

. . . now I need to find the little piece that is part of the "pince-nez" nose-support portion of the glasses . . .

. . . SOMEWHERE ON THE FLOOR AROUND HERE (hopefully) . . . I'm going to have to use my advanced Special Forces combat tracker skills to find that tiny motherf*cker . . .

. . . FOUND IT - only had to crawl like a lizard up and down the foyer for about five minutes ... its AMAZING what pops into sight when you're down at ants-eye-view level . . . I learned how to track that way getting down on my belly like a snake looking at tiny scuff marks on pine needles, overturned flakes of sand and bruises on the kind of moss that grows on top of cement that most people are not even aware of ..

Now I have to put them back together with my big potato fingers, which is the equivalent of doing brain surgery wearing boxing gloves . . . gotta find my OTHER pair of lookers . . . which is why I went out & bought this new effing pair in the FIRST PLACE . . . JUST FOUND THEM . . . some sunnovabitch assclown put them in the pocket of my climbing jacket . . . I don't know who put them there . . .

. . . BUT WHEN I FIND HIM . . .



  1. Nice wood floor.


  2. I'm so destructive of readers I keep several pairs around the house, and buy the safety glasses with readers from Wally World (three pair out in the garage for working on the bikes) and two at work, as well as a pair of them as sunglasses so when I forget my readers on a RTE (A Ride To Eat with the ST Owners club) or out shopping, I can see the menu or shopping list, etc.
    One pair looks sorta like yours, but has little nuts holding it together instead of a screw/bolt. Lost a nut once (cats were playing with them while I was out) and damned if I didn't see a glint in the carpet and there was the needed nut ... and next to it the little washer it uses too. Used up my luck for the year with that, methinks.

  3. You know you're getting old when you fall down and wonder what else you can do while you're down there.

  4. Use a torch and hold it about an inch off the deck and parallel to it.

  5. Place some nylon stocking net over the end of the vacuum hose

  6. JP (different than JP above)February 7, 2014 at 4:08 AM

    Used to chase small pieces of hardware on the flight-line...nothing like looking for small item on a tarmac. If you find yourself in a similar situation, darken the room and use a flashlight.

    Put the flashlight on the floor so the beam can be seen as a long line on the floor. As you "sweep" the floor with the light and small item on the floor will cast a long shadow which is much easier to see.

    Doesn't always work on carpet.