Saturday, February 8, 2014


A respected mentor once told me there are no experts, only serious students . . . S.L.

To this day I never refer to myself as an expert of any particular subject or field.

When approached to examine a problematic situation, I inwardly wince when I hear someone introduce me as the "subject matter expert". It seems that everyone immediately expects a miraculous solution to whatever dilemma faces them. It's almost like being set up for failure, especially if the options are the lesser of two evils.

As a seasoned security professional I bring a wide scope of knowledge and experience to any team. In fact, the more I know and do, the less respect I have for the term "expert". Personally, I prefer to be referred to as a "problem solver".

Interested to hear from others on this . . .



  1. An "expert" is a man (or woman) who knows a little more about the problem than you do, who has a briefcase and who lives at least 100 miles away.


    "Expert" is a composite word, from "ex-" as in, "used to be" plus "spurt", as in water escaping from a valve. So "expert" equates to "a has-been drip, under pressure".

  2. I always refer to myself s a "Trained Professional".

    My biz card offers Free Advice.

  3. Unlike yourself,there are,unfortunately,plenty of people who like to be considered an "expert".....I generally find that the person standing a little way behind them with the faintest of smiles on their face is the one who will have the answers I require!!
    A wise man knows there is always more to learn.

  4. I generally find true experts hard to find, in this business, they know enough to look as grey and "ordinary" as one can be...

    "nothing to see here...move along..."

  5. Sometimes so called "experts" don't know sh*t. And sometimes they know everything about the theory of the subject but have no idea how to put it into use.

    Just saying...

  6. Must have had the same teacher, because I always refer to myself as a life time student. People who stop learning are dangerous to everyone around them!!!!

  7. I didn't even read the post. I'm just salivating over the equipment in the Pelican case.