Thursday, February 20, 2014


"May You Live In Interesting Times" - Ancient Chinese Curse . . . S.L.

I'm presenting this as an example of how a story may be slanted in any direction - in this case by agents on the Right - and also as an attempt to dissipate some of the despair that's out there. Before you click on the headline linked below and read this story, try substituting "FBI interviewed..." instead of "interrogated", and see if this affects your perception of the situation:

FBI interrogated man after comment about American “Police State” on Facebook

Now then, let me just say this: as far as I know it is VERY illegal to espouse insurrection against the United States, its agencies or officers. Despite political satire and critique, this blog does NOT support anyone who calls for the overthrow of the Government of the United States; I will not tolerate anybody who espouse such sentiments and in fact I delete any comments that even stray into that direction. I don't even like seeing the American flag flown upside down, unless it's a bona fide sign of distress.

Despite what the Liberals claim, the TEA Party does not call for violence of any sort and the Gadsden Flag does not represent a secessionist movement. TEA stands for "Taxed Enough Already" and as one of the first flags of the United States, the rattlesnake flag represents patriotism, or love of country, nothing more.

To me, this young man expressed an impassioned post on Facebook, and somebody in law enforcement alerted the FBI. As a trained interrogator, what ensued does not equate what I consider an interrogation; he was released after apparently being determined as not being a threat. What is telling is the degree of their investigation:

“They had every Facebook post I had ever made in a huge file, along with all my wife’s information, and parent’s information . . .”

I hope the FBI investigates situations like this; that's part of what I pay them to do. There are enough nutcases out there capable of dangerous mischief.

Despite my concerns at the militarization of law enforcement in our country, and the ever increasing intrusiveness of government, we still have a Constitution and it still includes the Bill of Rights. Read it & familiarize yourself with it, be courteous & cooperative with law enforcement and Federal agents, but the conversation should include key phrases such as "Not without a lawyer present," "Not without a warrant, " and "Can I go now?".



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  2. Fer cristsake's...of course it's illegal to advocate for dismantling and replacing an abusive, evil and illegitemate government. Among the very first acts of despots and tyrants is the launching of never ending efforts to secure and cement their grasp on power. Among the first of these acts is to make such conduct illegal. Hell....if rapists had their way resisting rape would be illegal, robbers would outlaw safes and alarm systems and killiers would impose not just gun control but total disarmament of ALL their potential victims.
    To say advocationg rebellion or insurrection is illegal is pointing out the obvious, and the absurd. Just because it is illegal in no way makes it wrong, immoral or unjustified. In fact virtually ALL the founding fathers wrote that not only do citizens have a RIGHT to overthrow a corrupt abusive and unresponsive government they have a DUTY to do so. The criminals in power WILL NOT LEAVE POWER WILLINGLY. To restore freedom will require the EXACT same methods used to remove the British from their position of power and control over us....that method was REVOLUTION, the use of violence and bloodshed for political purposes. ANYONE who states otherwise is a fool or a tool of the corrupt masters. Disavowing violence, insurrection or revolution is EXACTLY what they want. They want US to swear not to use violence as that helps them because THEY have NO PROBLEM with using violence to achieve their agenda.

  3. I have no problem with supporting the government were supposed to have, according to the organizing documents.

    I'd sure be a damned sight more pleased if we could just get the government to actually abide by them once in awhile.

  4. Dan,

    The founding fathers made insurrection illegal under the Constitution. We can however over throw the government and it is legal. How you ask? Well we have something every 2 and 4 years called elections. The last over throw was done by OHB and the left in 2012. Maybe it will be our turn this year. So Vote!!!!!

  5. Insurrection, overthrow, revolt....semantics splitting hairs, words.
    The plain and simple is when government refuses to follow the will of the people it gets force if necessary. THAT is what Jefferson intended.

    As for that exercise in futility every two years called voting?
    Mark Twain said it best...."If voting changed anything they'd make it illegal."

    The fact three out of four "box" options have been nullified, coopted, rendered irrelevant.

    The ballot box is a farce. NOBODY who poses a significant threat to the statu quo is allowed on the wit Herman Cain, the only person who posed a realistic threat to Obama was neutralized by the
    Media whores.

    The "soap box"....the option of swaying things with words is not going to work. The media whores see to that.

    The jury box is a waste of time. The judiciary has been bought and paid for. ANYTHING that poses a threat to the regime is overruled, dismissed and if necessary silenced by gag orders and incarceration for "contempt" black robed pirates who are the very definition of contemptible.

    That leaves the final "box"....and efforts to disarm and emasculate the citizens never ceases, never ends and knows no bounds.
    I bet the citizens of the Ukraine wish they had not been disarmed.

    No.....there are no peaceful effective means of restoring freedom and removing the criminals from power. The only question remaining is if American society will choose willful slaver inexchange for the hollow lie of peace or if they will take up arms and water the tree of liberty while they still possess the means to do so.

    1. Dan, won't disagree with your position but will point out that there is indeed a 5th box - should the 4th be resorted to, the Pine Box will come into play - how many of them and who will end up occupying them remains to be seen.

      OTB MCPO sends...............

    2. Yes.....coffins aplenty are needed when opression becomes the rule of the day and you are correct in questioning who will occupy them, the tyrants and their hired thugs or the citizenry.

      What is ironic is that the focus here is on a man who made the very pounted and blunt assertion that America has become a police state. Based on that statement he was forced to show up for an interrogation by the fed gov's professional perjurers...the FBI. Remember, it was the FBI lying in court saying Martha Stewart lied to them that got her sent up. And ANYTIME one must appear for questioning under threat of a home was the case's an INTEROGATION not an investigation.

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  6. When you resort to violence you are no longer a follower of the Constitution. You are now a domestic enemy of the Constitution. While Jefferson said that we were being oppressed by a foreign government where we had no say. We now have a Constitutional Republic. If you do not understand the difference than I can not help you. I can only say if you believe in violent insurrection than you are not a protector of the Constitution and I will stand against you and all others who threaten it weather from the Radical Left and Far Right. You two are no different to me. Both are threats to the Constitution.

    1. What about resorting to violence in self-defence? Do you have any opinion about the recent Burleson County raid, where a person defended himself from a police no-knock raid by shooting who he thought were home invaders?

    2. Spoken like a true member of the Schutzstaffel.