Monday, April 14, 2014



  1. I had remembered seeing that poster in the FLOPS(Flight Ops) in Ansbach Germany with 1st armored division in the late 80's. I had posted it a few times. I still get a laugh out of it.

  2. TomR,armed in TexasApril 14, 2014 at 5:12 PM

    I saw this posted on another site last year. In the comments section a former USAF member blew a gasket. He was claiming long hours on the flightline equalled anything the Green Machine endured. I believe he was working on a stroke or heart attack.

    I worked with some USAF guys in Vietnam that worked with Army troops and lived just like us. Dirty, tired and sometimes under fire. Those USAF guys were AOK but it was still fun to tease them and try to trip their triggers.

  3. One of the things I really enjoyed about the AF was the fact that we'd have all 'the comforts' when our cousins in the other branches we were deployed or TDY with didn't. Better food, most times better living conditions in quarters (Ex: While stationed at Camp Bullis during an Air Base Ground Defense instructor hitch, a group of us went to Fort Hood to fire our 81mm's on their ranges. We were billeted in the NCO barracks. Which was still open bay; shared bathroom (1978). We were in shock. None of us has stayed anywhere except private or semi-private rooms in years!)

    So, the comic kindasorta rings true. I saw many examples of how the other branches were in 'suck' conditions. We worked hard, too, and we worked long hours, but our billets and creature comforts were always a couple steps ahead.

    I still laughed when I read this and said, "Yeah, it sucks to be you other guys!" LOL

  4. A Gunny Sgt would say: Ahhhhh! This is great infantry weather! The enemies morale is low.
    True story and quote here. The weather was cold, and raining. One of my barracks mate was Gunny Sgt, who was grinning from ear to ear; so I asked him, "Hey Gunny, what blank are you so blanking happy about? The above is what he told me.

  5. My brother became a Marine Helo Pilot because he saw what was going on down on the ground in Vietnam. Yep...this cartoon is true.