Saturday, April 5, 2014


FB shut down my SL page, "Violation of Terms" or some such B.S. . . - S.L.

This is a shame - I'd gotten in touch with most of my friends from the International School Bangkok - which is remarkable when you think of the time and distance - and most of the Special Forces Brotherhood. Oh well if FB doesn't accept the ID I put together under my nom de guerre I'll re-establish Sean Linnane as a company page and take it to the next level, which is a platform to promote my writing.

I write because I must. The mission of Blog STORMBRINGER is to honor the heroes of the United States, of the great Commonwealth Nations which is my heritage of course, and of course the State of Israel.

Secondary mission is to comment on the international security scene, military topics and of course my creative writings.

A MOMENT IN TIME is one of the first creative posts I wrote.

This was written after the phone call that yanked me away from my idyllic life in Moore County, and opened the door to my present career. I had no idea at that time that I would not be fishing, golfing or tending horses again - its been four and a half years now. In fact, I was in Chicago when I wrote that, and I really missed the South.

I wintered over in Chicago that year, consulting at four industrial sites. The wind in Chicago is called The Hawk - it comes straight out of the North Pole and then supercools as it goes over the Great Lakes. I have never experienced cold like that in my life, not even during my time in the Alps. Fortunately I had alpine training and I was able to put together the kind of gear I needed to withstand the icy blast as I walked perimeters, erected more chain link than I'd ever seen in my life and laid in intrusion detection systems.

I thought my life in the South was still ahead of me, but a year later we moved up to Pennsylvania - not as bad as Illinois, not by a long shot, but nothing like my life in Southern Pines. I still get down there once or twice a year, I have lots of friends there, but I haven't gotten back on to a golf course since '09. I intend to remedy that, this year.

No regrets about the move - it opened up a lot of opportunities. The only problem with living in Moore County is you're surrounded by ex-Green Berets and its like being in the Army for the rest of your life. Being up here, far from my tribe, seems to satisfy my introverted nature. I can keep in touch via the InterWebbie thingie . . . and I encounter Brothers every now and then in my travels.

No time to write today - have to go out and do Battle with the Environment down by the creek. There's a fallen walnut I need to have another crack at with the chainsaw, and I want to root out all the blackberries on the bank of the creek so we can enjoy our water feature. Grilling schedule this weekend is beercan chicken.



  1. Did not even know you where on FB.

  2. perimeters, chain link, IDS...sounds like Exelon.

  3. Hope you are back soon -- you keep things interesting! Sheila

  4. Beercan chicken...

    Never seen the like. Recipe?

    Cheers: Mark B, Victoria Point QLD

  5. Yeah, if/when oblunder kicks off his powergrab, he better just nuke north and south Carolina.
    We have so many prior military here, it's like one massive collection of bases.