Wednesday, April 16, 2014


This is my Alma Mater - S.L.

Underwater Combat School in Keys Marks 50 Years

KEY WEST, FLA. — An underwater combat training school in Key West is marking its 50th anniversary.

The Army Special Forces Underwater Operations School boasts a $10 million complex with a modern training pool and 50-foot dive tower, as well as boats especially designed for special operations forces.

Most people are not aware that the Army has an equivalent to the SEALs - and those who are aware of the SF Combat Divers are certainly not aware that it is HARDER to become an SF Combat Diver than it is to earn a SEAL trident.

The school is taught by Green Berets and sometimes hosts students from the Air Force, the Navy and the Marines, as well as military academy cadets and troops from other countries.

Residents know students are in town by spotting the circling C-130 airplane dropping finned-divers by parachute into the Fleming Key Basin. Less visible are the night operations, the torturous pool training, the hours of classroom work and other tasks that make the school one of the toughest gut-checks in the military, instructors and command staff said.

Combat divers are very aggressive and efficient and I’ve been very impressed,” Army Special Forces Col. Alan Shumate tells The Key West Citizen. “They stand out. Our dive school breeds a more intense commando.”

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  1. My Uncle CSM George Miller was a Dive Instructor here back in his 3rd grp days. I miss him and appreciate what you all went and go through on our behalf. Respect D.O.L.

    1. George was an outstanding NCO and friend. He and I served in 10th and 3rd Groups together. He was a unique and special warrior. RIP in Valhalla, George until we meet again.

  2. Love ya Sean, but are you saying that SFUWO is a YEAR long? 'Cause that's how long it takes for Team Guys to earn their Tridents.
    Boat Guy

    1. I'm just a civilian, but I'm pretty sure you earn your trident before being assigned to a SEAL team. Therefore, "team guys" have already earned their tridents.

      But whatever. SEALs and Army SOF are all more than I'll ever be. Respect to both.

  3. For a Green Beret to achieve Combat Diver status he must first make it through selection and the SF Q Course - this can take up to over a year (for 18D's) ... then show up on a team and prove he's worthy - that can take a couple of years ... then make it through pre-SCUBA (which is worse than anything at Key West believe me) ... in my day they weren't taking SF Babies off the street so just to make it into the Q you had to be a sergeant in the regular Army. SFUWO is a month long, but getting there is an odyssey . . .