Saturday, December 27, 2014

ON THIS DAY IN 1964 . . .

. . . the Beatles' scored their sixth No. 1 song when "I Feel Fine" hit the top of the charts.

I was just a kid in Sydney Australia, recently evacuated out of Indonesia when the Beatles hit the big time. Their previous Number 1 hits that year were I Want to Hold Your Hand" . . . "She Loves You" . . . "Can't Buy Me Love" . . . "Love Me Do" and of course "A Hard Day's Night."

When their music came out, everybody was crazy about the Beatles. It completely blew us away - I'd never even heard music on the radio before . . . suddenly the great tunes of the Fab Four, belting out at us from everywhere. I remember those days like it was yesterday . . .



  1. It's hard to explain to someone who wasn't there just how much Beatlemania swept the world.

    As kids at 6 and 7, we would play "Beatles Tag", where the way to avoid being tagged was to flop to the ground while saying the name of a Beatles song.

    Our local barber charged 50% more (3 instead of 2 dollars) for a "Beatle haircut", mostly because he was old and grumpy and, like many adults at the time, didn't like the Beatles.

    There were Beatle lunchboxes, Beatle pencils, Beatle notebooks, a Beatle television cartoon... Beatle everything. And there were The Monkees, who were touted as America's answer to the Beatles (Ha!).

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