Tuesday, December 23, 2014


This came across the Ultra-Top Secret Unauthorized Special Forces Illegal Backchannel Freq:

Taliban #1: "The Infidels are here and we need brothers to come to our assistance."

Taliban #2: "What kind of Infidels, Brother?"

Taliban #1: "The Bearded Ones."

Taliban #2: "Sorry Brother, you're on your own with this one . . . "

Special Greetings and Thanks to ALL of our brave Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines deployed in Combat Zones and other overseas assignments during this Holiday Season . . .



  1. "Brave men dying out there. I'm not gonna wait another hour, not another day" Patton

    "Had a dream last night, and in my dream it came to me that the whole NAZI Reich is mine for the taking" Patton


    Rough and Ready - A plan for Victory

    From one pissed off pogue

  2. ***"Brave men dying up there. I'm not gonna wait not an hour, not a minute" Patton

    The plan needs some fine tuning, some attention to detail, and some heavy hitters

  3. Get sum more


  4. That "chat" was transcribed, framed, and posted inside the TOC in Salerno Afghanistan encampment that didn't exist there. I was there as a civilian doing some commo work and my old unit I retired from was providing the comm support. I was welcomed back with open arms. I went back to Salerno about a year later in a different capacity but I was an outsider at that time and never saw the inside of that compound until they shut down the base about 18 months ago.

  5. Respect and many thanks too everyone who has served but especially to those of the Green Beret!!!


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