Monday, December 29, 2014


I swear these phony wannabee Stolen Valor punks are cropping up EVERYWHERE . . . its like some kind of national DISEASE . . . S.L.

MEET RON STONE: AUTHOR, SPECIAL FORCES SOLDIER (NOT) and Distinguished Service Cross Recipient (NOT)

It seems that Ron Stone has been making a bit of money writing books about his service in Vietnam while claiming to be a former Special Forces soldier, DSC recipient and a laundry list of other qualifications which according to his records obtained under the Freedom Of Information Act prove to be FALSE.

Ron's claims include awards of the Distinguished Service Cross, Soldier's Medal for Valor, Army Commendation Medal, Navy Commendation Medal, Vietnam Service Medal, Vietnamese Commendation Medal, Presidential Unit Citation, Expert Marksman's Badge, Combat Infantryman's Badge, Airborne Qualification Wings, and the Good Conduct Medal. As you can see from his records, practically ALL of these are false claims.

Ron Stone even displays a 17th "Golden Talon" Airborne Division SSI in his "I Love Me" box. This is interesting because the 17th was inactivated in September 1945 and hasn't been reactivated since.

Even more amusing than the DSC is the Soldier's Medal, for Valor. The Soldiers Medal is NOT given for valor, it's given for Heroism as stated in the regulation and on the Award itself. Only a handful of Soldier's Medals were awarded during Vietnam. I mean handful - less than 15. They include General Powell and a few other well known names. His is not one of them.

His accomplishments say sniper school in Vietnam but the certificate says Ft. Bragg - this certificate was purchased.

Ronnie also claims to be a Life member of the Special Forces Association, yep, you guessed it he is not nor ever has been a member.

Ronnie did serve in the Army (1964-1968) as a Morse Code Interceptor, but unless he was TDY to Vietnam his assignments do not indicate he was ever there. Ronnie claims to have run LRRP missions with the 101st in RVN.

I would guess that Stone really was an ASA intercept operator. But he would be a linguist in order to monitor anything other than Morse coming out of NVN. I have not seen "Vietnamese Linguist" in his bios. That would certainly be in his repertoire but nowhere has Ronnie claimed to be able to speak Vietnamese.

A friend reports: "It's obvious he was a signals intercept operator with the 51st SOC (ASA) supporting the 1st SFGA in Okinawa, but sitting there listening to all that static all day long must've fried his brain and over-stimulated its BS lobe to produce the fertilizer he's been peddling as his "There I was . . ." story for all these years."

Ronnie has attempted to remove most of his claims from various internet sites to include his FaceBook page, but a simple search for his name will still reveal many of his claims on Amazon books - he's cleaned his tracks on Author's Den . . . apparently Ronnie was alerted by several individuals that he was under scrutiny after spouting his lies in several FB groups. There is even a FB page dedicated to Ronnie. We were holding back on posting Ron's "outing" pending some other investigations but since the cat is out of the bag now ENJOY . . . too bad Ronnie got a heads up.

Posted by SGM (ret) George Davenport, US Army Special Forces and administrator, SF Poser Patrol FB page.

Posers can run but cannot hide. We will find you, and when we do we will embarrass the shit out of you.



  1. He claims to have worked in radio and television as well CBS. I search Google for a Ron Stone at CBS. I found a Ron Stone obit. That Ron Stone worked in radio and television and was hired by Dan Rather to work for CBS, The obit said nothing about serving in the military. Makes me wonder the the wannabe Ron Stone has also stolen the career of a deceased newsman as well.

  2. Sad little man.
    I think he has stolen two things.

    I remember watching Ron Stone, who worked for several decades in Houston, TX, and was the guy who was hired by Dan Rather.
    That Ron Stone was a thoroughly honorable man.

  3. I was an ASA O5H morse intercept guy in Europe for three years after Ft. Devens, you are correct we had lots of mushed brains from static however the most dangerous thing we ever did was driving on the Autobahn to the Hofbrau House in Munich.

    Ron did not do too well in Morse code school and the info you provided indicates that he was then shunted over to train as a Teletype intercept operator which means he sat in front of a teletype machine for hours at a time smoking and joking and drinking coffee for the rest of his Army time.

    I was pleased to serve my country but ASA guys, except for some with combat units in Nam, did not wear out shoe leather and we did not sleep outside. We were kind of like in the Army but not really.

  4. We have these glory stealing scumbags in the UK, we call them Walter Mitties, he need a genuine veteran to educate him, he might even get PTSD along the way!

  5. This Ron Stone worked as a sports anchor for a small market television station in the 1980s and 1990s. CBS affiliate KXII in Sherman TX

  6. Based on the comments here - showing that this guy likely appropriated the identity of a newscaster as well - it seems likely that he is seriously mentally ill.

    Perhaps something to consider with before "embarrassing the shit out of him."