Thursday, June 18, 2009


Will SOMEBODY tell me what is going on here . . . I'm trying to comprehend . . . I mean doesn't she think that General Officer worked hard enough to earn HIS rank? . . . Ma'am is a correct manner of address to the Queen of England . . . sir or ma'am is the correct way for a member of the military to address a person of higher rank . . . right on up to the President of the United States . . . Barbara Boxer has a LONG history of disrespect to the United States military going right back to my time in 1st Bn / 1st SFG(A) when she led the charge to investigate us in the SGM Gleason scandals of 1988, tried so very hard to find us guilty of SOMETHING, ANYTHING . . . causing us no end of hate and discontent from the rest of the regular military establishment and bad juu-juu in general from the news media and their political masters . . .and of course eventually NOTHING ever came of it . . . Peace, Out . . . LINNANE SENDS

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