Wednesday, June 10, 2009


The Second Temple (Herod's Temple).

Those familiar with the Torah and new testament scriptures know of the prophecies of the third temple being rebuilt. STORMBRINGER believes we are fortunate to live in times where this is all coming together.

Efforts by the Temple Institute in Israel have restored many of the sacred vessels and temple items such as the menorah and the high priest’s breast plate. Original artifacts from the last temple have been discovered. DNA testing now exists that can confirm who are Cohanim (only ones who can serve in the priesthood), and a computer registery established. Training programs for rabbis are now in operation. Techelet, a special blue dye needed to produce the high priest’s robe can now be made again as the snail producing it that was thought to be extinct has been found again in the Red Sea.

Keep your eye on the news. We are living in interesting times.

Israeli soldiers at the recapture of the Temple Mount in 1967.

The Temple in Jerusalem and related matters are of great interest to many professional soldiers and intelligence analysts that I have served with; this is the first a series of articles on the Temple and prophecy by STORMBRINGER team member VALERIA.

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