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Operation Overlord, the Allied Invasion of Northern France, was a combined effort of many countries. I wish to give tribute to the brave men & women of the British Commonwealth, and Free France - they fought the Germans in France years before the United States entered the war, of course. Future postings will explore these historical events; Dunkirk, Dieppe, Gold, Sword and Juno Beaches.

Supreme Commander--General Dwight D. Eisenhower
Allied Expeditionary Naval Forces--Admiral Sir Bertram Ramsay
21st Army Group--General Sir Bernard L. Montgomery
Allied Expeditionary Air Forces--Air Marshal Sir Trafford Leigh- Mallory
United States Army United Kingdom Land Forces

First Army Second British Army
V Corps 1st British Corps
VII Corps 30th British Corps
1st Infantry Division 3rd British Infantry Division
4th Infantry Division 6th British Airborne Division
29th Infantry Division 50th British Infantry Division
82nd Airborne Division 3rd Canadian Infantry Division
101st Airborne Division

Air Forces

U.S. Army Air Forces Royal Air Forces

Eighth Air Force 2nd Tactical Air Force
Ninth Air Force

Allied Expeditionary Naval Forces

Western Task Force Eastern Task Force
(United States) (British)

NOTE: This Order of Battle does not mention the Free French forces included in the first wave at the British beaches, nor the Free French forces that jumped in with the British Special Air Service Brigade. Of course, French Resistance forces are not ennumerated here either.

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