Friday, December 18, 2009


As originally seen on DOUBLETAPPER

Take a standard configuration UZI:

Add a Picatinny Rail, Fore Grip, Flashlight, Scope, Drum Magazine, and what do you get?

How about an IDF Custom silencer?

What about full amphibian warfare capabilities?

Not your Grandmother's UZI!

IDF Women Cadet 1970's with IWI UZI SMG

IDF Women have been issued the UZI SMG since it's creation.

These IDF Women are about 69 years old now.
Some of them still like to shoot

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  1. Thanks for another good post and video. I have read about Dr. Westheimer before she is a great lady.

  2. I thought the whole idea of the UZI was to keep it really simple, light and concealable?

  3. Add a Picatinny Rail, Fore Grip, Flashlight, Scope, Drum Magazine, and what do you get?

    Something fit for a silly weapons and toys team.

    FWIW, in spite of press to the contrary regarding "women of the IDF"

    The actuality is:

    Over the years there have been many myths and misconceptions regarding the combat status of woman in the IDF, most of them incorrect.

    As an army created during war, when first formed in 1948 the IDF used what ever personnel it had as warriors regardless of gender. After the 1948 war ended and until the late 1990's no women were allowed in combat positions, except for an attempt in the 1950's to accept women to flight school.

    However, women did take over almost all field instructing positions in the IDF and, as such, were issued weapons, but they were not, combatants just instructors.

    In the mid 1990's following an appeal to the Israeli Supreme Court the IDF was forced to accept women to its famous flight school. Additional Supreme Court appeals as well as political pressure caused the IDF to open more combat positions to women.

    Today female soldiers can be found on combat status in the following positions, involving male and female fighting formations:



    Anti Aircraft corps in the Surface to Air Missiles (SAM) elements.

    Combat Engineering corps in the Atomic Biological Chemical (ABC) unit.

    Light infantry (Karakal) - positioned in the peaceful border with Egypt.

    Military Police (Sachlav) - stationed in the Occupied Territories, usually in Hebron.

    Israeli Police - YASAM.

    Air Crew including fighter pilots.

    Naval officers

    Unit 869 - in peacetime borders, mainly along the peaceful border with Egypt.

    Helicopter airborne mechanics - there are currently three female airborne mechanics in the IAF. Two are assigned to UH60 Blackhawks and one to a CH53. THREE WHOLE CREW CHIFS/MECHANICS! WOOOO!!!!!!!


    Unit 669 - the woman in the unit are airborne paramedics replacing reserve personnel. During missions they do NOT deploy from the helicopter and make the actual rescue as the men, but rather stay in the helicopter and provide medical assistance.

    Unit YABAN - the woman operators in the unit act as defense divers.

    Unit Oket'z - the unit has two types of female canine handlers
    - Non combatants - belong to the Rescue Palga and participate in civilian Search And Rescue (SAR) missions.
    - Combatants - receive extensive combat training and are placed in borders check points in the Occupied Territories, in order to do weapons and explosives searches in vehicles and on civilians.

  4. what the hell is an uzi?