Tuesday, December 29, 2009


A friend writes:

I worked with "Hank" back in 2001/2002 as a member of TF DAGGER.... not sure I agree the same strategy would work in Pakistan, but thought you (and possibly the StormBringer crowd) would enjoy the news article.

I'll work on a sanitized Advisor article for you this week. It's been a bit crazy over here during the Ashura. We've been conducting multiple operations (mainly warrants and ambushes), and unfortunately, my partner, Federal Police LTC _____ is still in critical but stable condition.

Will update later.

Take care brotha . . . .

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Ex-CIA operative Henry Crumpton describes using local might to oust al Qaeda and their Taliban hosts in 2001, a strategy he says is needed in Pakistan, where terrorist are hiding. Lara Logan reports.

I hate it when the journalists throw the "spy" word around. To be a spy, one must betray from within. To be a 'clandestine operator' is not spying; it is closer to being a scout - S.L.

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