Wednesday, December 30, 2009


. . . IT FELL FLAT ON ITs ASS ! ! !

Let's go over what we now know, from open sources:

A man previously identified to the United States State Department as a radical Muslim Fundamentalist with sentiments sympathetic to al Qaeda and intentions to travel to Yemen to MEET with al Qaeda some how FAILS to make in on any "NO FLY" lists.

Terror on Flight 253: Wealthy, Quiet, Unassuming: the Christmas Day Bomb Suspect

The SAME man, with a Muslim name - Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab - of Nigeria:

A) bought a one-way ticket to the United States,

B) paid for it in cash,

C) checked no luggage on an international flight from Europe to the United States,



. . . and they STILL let him on the flight!

Better let this guy on the plane - whatever we do, we don't want to be accused of racial profiling now, do we?

The nicest thing we can say about this entire affair is that it is a case of Political Correctness run amuck. In an incredible attempt to defend this mess, the United States Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano establishes herself as a blithering idiot:

If this incident falls within your success criteria, Janet, then Heaven help us.

OOOPS - it looks like that story about no passport has turned out to be something of a red herring.

New evidence surfaces that this whole thing was possibly a probe or diversion, to examine our responses.



  1. Not to be a prick about this but...she is right.
    She says that "once this incident occurred...the system worked...."

    I have to agree that what she said about the after affect of this situation; everything did fall into place.

    BUT.....why did it happen in the first place? AND she says that now that "everything is in place" the traveling public is "now safe"
    NO WE ARE NOT!!!! Do these dimwits really think that what they did, actually will halt these islamocreeps!?!??! Are we safer? Nope, this extended war is not going to go away. This World War 3 is going to be with us until the day the good Lord comes back. Learn to deal with it folks!


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