Sunday, December 13, 2009


My training and experience in intelligence analysis (18F) has taught me to always pay attention to indicators, but to always listen to that little voice inside my head that tells me "There's something going on out there . . .

The once High and Mighty Pittsburgh Steelers have taken it on the chin, not once but twice in succession. Last week they fell in a last minute upset to MY team, the Oakland Raiders:

Go ahead and laugh if you want to; WHY I'm a member of the notorious Raider Nation is subject for a future post. Just remember, with the Raiders it's "Never Mind the Players - Fear the Fans." - Sean Linnane

And now THIS week the Steelers fell 13-6 to the OTHER bottom feeders of the NFL, the Cleveland Browns:

Elvis was a Dogs fan. If for no other reason, we must always respect them for this.

Are these indicators of something greater going on out there - has the worm turned?

Is Climategate going to take down the Great Global Warming Conspiracy?

Is the Democrat Machine's plan to own & control us via Federally-mandated healthcare going to fail in the Senate?

Or is this merely a coincidental series of horrible, horrible catastrophes for Hank Williams Jr's team, Rush Limbaugh's team, my WIFE's team, - America's REAL team?


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