Sunday, November 6, 2011




An extensive 2 weeks practical training, highlighting Israeli expertise, concepts, methods, and tactics for mitigating and overcome Maritime Piracy/Terror attacks on various vessels.

Pirate attacks on Israeli sea vessels have not succeeded to this day.

Principles of the Israeli Tactical response methods while in Protection tasks:


The concept and principles of Israeli Security are derived from the fact that the adversary has an advantage, the element of surprise, in four variables.

1. Time – The adversary chooses the time of assault.
2. Place – The adversary chooses the place of assault.
3. Force -The adversary determines the amount of manpower and what weapons will be used in the assault.
4. Mode -The adversary determines how to execute the operation and the type of assault.

In light of above, it can be seen that the adversary’s advantage of surprise is absolute. It is therefore necessary that we educate and assimilate ourselves with the behavior characteristics of our adversary. As it is the mission of the Operator to thwart the actions of the adversary we must depend upon our preparedness, courage and ability to counter aggression.

The success of the Operator is paramount despite conditions of uncertainty, changing surroundings and the absolute surprise advantage of the adversary. To succeed we must prepare ourselves for diversity as diversity is the weapon of the adversary.

Israeli Tactical Response and Combat methods are essentially different from the methods of the Army. Military units carry their weapons overtly and ready for action. Military weapons have high capacity magazines and long range. The Military combatant is also part of a team or unit and is dependant on the group firing and maneuvering as one. This contributes greatly to the commitment and will of the combatant to “enter into combat” in all its psychological aspects.

In contrast, the Protection Operative often times works alone and has his or her weapon concealed on their person. The Protection Operator’s weapon is usually of limited range and ammunition capacity. In response to an incident the Operator may have to “enter into combat” against several adversaries. The incident may occur in a public place and endanger the lives of innocent bystanders. This requires selective and precise fire in order to not inflict injury to innocent persons. Psychology can effect the decision of the Operative to “enter into combat” due to the Operators attempt to prevent the loss of innocent life.

These issues have led to the development of Our Training System. Our System will develop your response speed, your ability to use your weapon effectively and will build and strengthen your determination. Our System WILL enable YOU to thwart aggression.

We do not train to SHOOT weapons; We train to FIGHT with them.


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