Saturday, November 26, 2011


The Warrior always has a plan. I've got a plan. Herman Cain has a plan, and he tells us what it is. If Obama has a plan, he doesn't dare tell us what it is because if he did nobody would vote for him. The Occupiers don't have a plan - their beef is that The Machine is broken and The Dream is dead, but all they want to do about it is break it more. That's not a plan; at least not a plan for success. What the Occupiers have got going falls under the category: "If you're not a part of the Solution you're a part of the Problem."

This is Part I - it is a long post but I encourage you scroll down and read on . . . I came up with The Plan, is doable and it is worthy - when I explained my Plan to a noted author and economist (who shall remain unnamed for the time being) he exclaimed that if I publish it I will become famous. I replied, "I'm already famous, I've got the best kind of fame because I'm famous, but nobody knows who I am . . . S.L.

RIGHT - so what's your plan, man? Oh, you don't have a plan? . . . R-I-G-H-T . . .

There's not much you or I as private citizens can do to influence or affect the Powers-That-Be - those who run the Federal Government - but we should care and I'll explain why. And if anyone asks what I would do about it; at least I've got a Plan.

The 5 W's:

The first part of any plan is the Mission Statement; the Mission Statement identifies an Objective. Inherent in the Mission Statement is The Problem; that is the What and the Why. The Objective - and how to achieve it - is described by the Who / Where / When and How Many. In war, The Problem is subjective in nature, it is inferred: "Defeat the Enemy and Win the War." To me, the Problem we are facing is equally obvious, but I will state it anyway, because it is complex in nature:


Our country is 15 TRILLION dollars in debt.

Think about that: a billion is a thousand million. A Trillion is a billion billion - I can't even imagine what a billion looks like, never mind a billion of them.

And the debt is constantly increasing - at a rate so unreal it's unfathomable. At this rate, we'll never pay off the interest, let alone put a dent in the principle.

It's difficult to do math with numbers this large, that get larger at a nearly exponential rate every second. I took a couple of shortcuts just to give us some ballpark figures to get an idea of the size of the problem:

A deficit of $1.42 trillion, divided by 307,006,550 population equals about

That is the amount each one of us would have to pay - just to pay the annual deficit for last year.

But the debt is over 1000 times that; more than $15,000,000,000,000 as of last week.

However, this does include some inter-agency debt (like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Defense, etc. The best numbers I could get to work with to estimate the share of the debt per American person starts with the national debt at:


Divided among the working aged population, at 2009 figures, each worker owes roughly:


Divided among the working population (ie. paying taxes) of 76,974,000, each worker owes roughly:


At a 3% rate over 30 years, that comes to $781.38 a month - on top of all your other bills, everything - that's IF there was a bank that could ever finance this monster.

But there isn't. The bank doesn't exist. The MONEY doesn't exist, even if a mortgage broker somewhere could package this thing as a financial instrument.

And that is the crux of The Problem: We're OUT of MONEY. There is no more. No more money; we reached the end of the borrow pit a long time ago and just kept digging ourselves deeper and deeper into debt.


Our country - that means you, the person reading this post - me, and everybody else. All of us:


And the whole rest of the world is in the potential hurt locker as well. America sneezes, the rest of the world catches a cold. Or in this case, the economic equivalent of the Black Plague.

There's no 'Every man for himself'; we're all in this together.


When does all this take place? When does the train run off the rails, the whole kit-and-kaboodle go down the toilet?


Next week, next month - a very real possibility we lose it all before the end of the year. Early in the first quarter of next year, at the latest; they can't just keep printing money forever.

So when do we have to do something about it?

NOW. The Government - Congress, President Obama - have failed, for purely political reasons. The SuperCommittee was never intended to accomplish anything because the Democrats want to blame the Republicans for being a 'Do Nothing Congress'. But the clock has run out on political games; we are in Damage Control status and Emergency Measures must be implemented IMMEDIATELY.


All over the place; Europe, the States, repercussions throughout the robust economies of Asia, the Sand Countries of the Middle East, the narco-terror infested mess down South, and the continent-in-crisis known as Africa. You think Occupy Wall Street is a sideshow? Just wait until you see the madness that is going to erupt in financial power nodes in New York, Chicago, LA, Paris, Berlin, and of course London, and Rome.

Am I the only one who remembers it was a fruit vendor in Tunisia upset at ever-increasing police kickbacks who kicked off the entire Arab Spring? Think about that - a street merchant frustrated at the price of doing business - i.e. illegal taxes - how many thousands of dead have piled up already?

The WHY and the HOW MANY and The Plan itself are covered in Part 2 - scroll down . . .



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  1. actually, a trillion is a thousand billion.

    Either one is a whole shitpot full of zeros. a barnful of bills.

    what is a few decimal points among friends.