Saturday, November 19, 2011


Pet Hippo Kills Owner

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A 40-year-old farmer in South Africa was killed by his beloved pet hippo, Humphrey, when the animal dragged the farmer into a river and mauled him to death.

Marius Els, an Army major, had raised the 2,600 pound animal and considered Humphrey a part of his family, according to the UK Guardian.

Others had warned Els that hippos were dangerous and warned him against keeping Humphrey, but he ignored their warnings and was known ride around on the 5-year-old hippopotamus’s back.

During Happier Times:

Marius Els with his pet hippo Humphrey at his farm in Free State, South Africa. Photo: Barcroft/Fame Pictures

What part of "Armed with giant canine teeth, hippos are said to kill more people each year than lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos and cape buffaloes COMBINED," do you not understand? - S.L.

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  1. Ha, how many times have you seen this type of situation? Some of societies "can't we all get along" genetic disasters, viewing life through a Walt Disney prism, think that WILD animals can be tamed.
    Whenever I hear or see of a mauling like this; I always think the animal FINALLY got pissed enough.


  2. I was given a semi-wild dog that later turned out to be 1/4 wolf. It took an incredible amount of time and effort to tame him down, but I think (key word is think) he's at that point. I still keep the thought in the back of my head that he can and may revert and take the proper precautions.