Saturday, November 26, 2011


" . . . then cut your head off and put it in a safe."

National Reconnaissance Office Dragon Patch – Extremely sinister, screams “Imperialism / New World Order / Illuminati.” The NRO is actually a classified US Government agency involved with highly-classified signals and intelligence-gathering satellites.

MINOTAUR is a still-classified program at Lockheed Martin’s Advanced Development Programs Division a.k.a. the Skunk Works.

“WE OWN THE NIGHT” – This patch commemorates the August 17, 2000, launch of a “classified National Reconnaissance Office payload” atop a Titan IV rocket.

The Tri-Service Standoff Attack Missile was a classified cruise missile symbolized by the Tasmanian Devil. The acronym TSSAM recalled the cartoon character.

“TO SERVE MAN” is a reference to a classic Twilight Zone episode . . . the 509th Bomb Wing flew B-2 Stealth Bomber test flights, and used to be based at Roswell, New Mexico; home of the notorious ‘Roswell Incident‘ - I have a buddy who flew the B-2 with this outfit.

The origins of this patch with it’s glowing eyed green wizard creature remains something of an enigma. The red star is in the Southwest - home of many secret units - the 'Green Door' is an obvious reference to the iconic 70's porn film featuring the late, great Marilyn Chambers. This patch suggests that green vaults are somehow related to military intelligence.

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  1. Green Door could also be a reference to a popular song from the fifties by Jim Lowe. It was about trying to go through a green door to see who/what was behind that door.

  2. Some say that song was the inspiration for the title to the Mitchell brother's movie.

  3. Dude! These're beyond creepy. My late father, a communications officer in WW II w/ the 5th Air Force, had a circular patch of the number five w/ a comet racing through it. Also, as a communications officer stationed in Fukuoaka, Japan, another one in a triangle of a radio tower with lightning bolts emanating from its zenith (presumably representing radio transmissions), both relatively innocuous & straight-to-the-point. These, though, border on the outright diabolical. Well, what w/ Lt. Col. Michael Aquino being the founder of The Temple of Set, is any of this really of any surprise?

  4. Hello, I would be interested in where you found the image of the Green Door patch.