Saturday, February 11, 2012



I have two teenage daughters and up until watching this video, I thought I was living in Hell.

I have learned three things from this gentleman's act of class:
A) I am not alone, B) my kids aren't QUITE as E-V-I-I-I-L as I thought they were, and C) I'm not the only one who thought of putting a round through the kid's computer - must be a North Carolina thing . . . Enjoy! -S.L.

Fellow members of the Cult of the M1911 may have noticed the gentleman fired nine rounds - yes his piece is an extended mag variant; he's probably a member of Team STORMBRINGER. You may have also noticed he seems to have missed round#6 - I put that up to adrenalin and nerves; the man is in an obvious emotional state.

This vid clip was required viewing on the training schedule today here at Firebase TIGERLILY. It was pointed out that although in the past I have indicated that I would put a bullet through the youngster's electronic items, I have not done so. This was because my kids never took it as far as this fellow's daughter did, with her Facebook discrepancies.

Following the viewing of this clip, the mood around the kitchen was refreshingly mature and appreciative; what they once took for rage they now understand is actually incredible restraint. They now understand that I am not the only parent driven to near insanity by their generations' youthful misadventures.

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  1. I hope he took the cost of the rounds out of her allowance.

  2. I think somebody's precious little princess just learned a valuable life lesson. That being said,


  3. That poor thing having such an unfeeling, mean, demanding and calloused beast of a "Father". I imagine that she is going to need years of therapy and emotional support after such a horrific event. I suggest we set up an Paypal account to help her thru these trying times. At least until the Life Time Channel makes a movie about it. Has anyone told Dr. Phil yet!?!

    PS Great Grouping Dad!!!!!!!!!

  4. Oh hell yeah!
    I once drove my fist through a $40 screen door into a punks nose knocking him onto the lawn.
    Then I got the garden hose and gave him a much needed bath.
    D#2 thought I was an asshole until I pointed out that he was taking her down the wrong road.
    It took a coupla years of growing up but she squared away.

  5. OH YAAA BABY!!!!!!!
    I finally took the time to watch this....I don't see ANYTHING wrong with this action. HEE HEE
    Oh my
    I have three sons, all married with some of the cutest children this world has ever seen.
    While they were in high school; they each had girlfriends that were NOT THE ONES FOR THEM!!!!

    Their mother and I broke up those relationships....and the townspeople thought we were SSSOOOOOO CCCRUUUEEELLLLL....Ha even now after about 10 years the boys will thank us for that foresight. Each of those girls have turned into howling banshees for their live in sperm donors.
    HA HA HA I guess the last laugh goes to the people that have some basic qualities of RIGHTNESS!!!!!!!

  6. I never put a round through the electronics, but I almost put one through one of my daughter's boyfriends. He thought it was a joke until my son pointed out "Dad's never shot anybody by accident."

  7. Way to go, Dad. Glad to know that what I went through was not unique. Kids think they know everything and are awful from about 13 to 21.

  8. Just so i have this right can shoot the computer but not the kid. am i good if i shoot it while they are using it or is it better to take out to the yard and take it out like a unwanted dog. seems kinda of heartless to take it out on the computer it was just doing what it was told. Skullhead watching and waiting

  9. UPDATE: "YouTube Dad who shot daughter's laptop says he got visit from authorities"

    The Daily reported in a Facebook post on Saturday, the former Marine, wrote that Child Protective Services officials came to his home in Stanly Co., and interviewed him and his daughter — separately — after viewers of the video called with concerns about his actions.

    He said the police also stopped by.

    Neither authority decided to pursue anything against Jordan.

    “The police by the way said ‘Kudos, sir,’ ” Jordan wrote. “How’s about those apples? Didn’t expect THAT when you called the cops did you?”