Monday, February 13, 2012


From Spencer Ackerman at Wired's Danger Room via BlackFive: Is JSOC Out of Bounds or in the End Zone?

. . . The leader of a JSOC unit in Iraq, known as K-Bar, gets shot in the chest by insurgents. K-Bar waves away his medic until he finishes killing his assailants. His reward? Leading JSOC’s operations in Afghanistan.

Ludicrous acts of superhuman bravado are part of JSOC’s myth and mystique. That mystique is hard to penetrate: JSOC is so secretive that it instructs its members not to write down important information, lest it be vulnerable to disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act. But a new book reveals that killing might not even be the most important thing JSOC does . . .

They are actually clients of mine . . . S.L.


  1. Oh come on, is there a book or not?????

  2. I'm working on it . . . trouble is the truth sounds like a book, and any book I write has to be fiction (to get around security clearance issues and non-disclosure statements that I signed) and any fiction I write sounds too unbelievable, even if I base it on truth.

    And I'm not talking James Bondian sh*t here - more John le Carré if anything - honestly the biggest problem I have spinning war stories is people saying "You mean that's IT? There isn't anything ELSE???".


  3. I'd love to see those nonfiction war stories here!

  4. If you want a war story see the comments below the FACTS ABOUT ISRAEL post.