Sunday, February 19, 2012


. . . we just don't like yours." - Tim Geithner to Paul Ryan

I went to school with this shitstain - International School Bangkok - Geithner was an unremarkable, nondescript kid who kept to himself and didn't stand out; a total gray man, not one of the risk takers - definitely NOT an Alpha male. Tell you what, Little Timmy: you don't have a plan? Well stand back for the STORMBRINGER man - the warrior ALWAYS has a plan:


A ten percent across-the-board cut in Federal Spending - I'm not talking a cut in future budget increases or any of the other creative accounting tricks you knuckleheads like to pull; I'm talking a ten percent across-the-board cut for this year's budget and NO forecasted increases.

There is so much waste, fraud and sheer abuse of the public monies that ten percent will never be missed. Legions of Federal bureaucrats will have to do without a few perks and junkets. Sorry about that, guys - hard times will only get harder unless we do something about it now.


This thing is the twenty-thousand ton gorilla of Federal programs with the economic version of a hundred megaton nuclear time bomb ticking inside it's belly. Never mind the fact that according to the Constitution the Federal government cannot mandate that we buy goods or services - the United States is too big and diverse a place for a single one-size-fits-all bandaid approach to medical insurance. And besides - anybody who has been on the recieveing end of Government Healthcare - like us military veterans - will tell you that it's one step above prison medicine.

They like to call themselves "Progressives" to get away from the hated Liberal tag - how about implementing a couple of REALLY "progressive" policies: mandatory drug testing for Welfare recipients, and while we're at it; any kind of criminal record makes you immediately ineligible for any kind of Federal handout. Not all that radical when you think that we already require these standards for military servicemembers.

Getting rid of Liberal pie-in-the-sky largesse will solve 90% of future deficits right there.

#3) A FLAT 15% TAX

Replace the crazy patchwork quilt income tax thing we've got with something that's understandable and manageable. This would take care of that Liberal propaganda B.S. about how Warren Buffet pays less tax than his secretary, would put a ton more money in everybody's pocket and directly into the U.S. economy.

My plan is in accordance with the K.I.S.S. Principle - "Keep It Simple, Stupid" - the One Thirds - Two Thirds Rule of Planning, and the Common Sense Smell Test. The only problem with this plan is that it requires dynamic leadership and that quality is sorely missing in Washington these days - especially in institutions led by Democrats.

Do it. Do it NOW - the alternative is we make Greece look like a Sunday School picnic.

But the sad fact of the matter is that they'll never do it and the reason why is they'd lose so much power and control over the U.S. economy - never mind that nowhere is it mentioned in the documents of our Founding Fathers that the mission of government has anything whatsoever to do with managing prosperity of the citizenry. If you were to ask Timothy Geithner what his job is, that's EXACTLY what he'd tell you - he's a career civil servant with a civil servant mindset, and his father - a card-carrying liberal who worked for the Ford Foundation - groomed him to be a government functionary.

"That's my story and I'm sticking to it!"



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  1. If the tax codes were cut and simplified politicians would hate it. It would be more difficult for those bastards to double talk/double deal us.