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Hey Team - I'm back from my travels and it's time to get this blog back up and running. They say that sex sells, so here's a Rogues Gallery to heat things up in the dead of winter - S.L.

Debra Lafave

Credit: AP Photo/St. Petersburg Times

Florida middle school teacher Debra Beasley Lafave, accused of having sex numerous times with a 14-year-old student, including once in a car while his 15-year-old cousin drove, sits at an Ocala, Florida hearing in 2006. Young, bright, and beautiful - many were baffled that the 23-year-old newlywed threw it all away for her under-age victim.

Credit: AP Photo/Hillsborough County Jail

Debra Lafave was a reading teacher at Greco Middle School in Temple Terrace, Fla., a few miles north of Tampa when, in 2004, she was charged with two counts of lewd and lascivious battery on a person under 16 years old. Lafave was sentenced to three years house arrest and seven years probation. Many asked would a male teacher who had sex with a female student receive such a light sentence.

That's what I always ask when you hear about these cases. That, and where were all these hot-to-trot babe teachers when I was in high school? - S.L.

Credit: AP Photo/Chris O Meara

Now a registered sex offender, Debra Lafave wipes her forehead as she leaves a Hillsborough County probation violation hearing Dec 18, 2007. She was accused of having unsupervised contact with an underage female coworker at a restaurant where she worked. According to police the two talked about family problems, boyfriends and sex - unsupervised conversation technically not allowed by the terms of her probation.

Pamela Rogers Turner

Credit: AP Photo/Mark Humphrey

Pamela's the one on the right, wearing the bracelets -S.L.

In July 2006, Pamela Rogers was ordered by a Tennessee judge to seven years in jail for violating her probation on a sentence for having sex with a 13-year-old boy. At the hearing she said, "I am willing to do anything to rehabilitate myself."

Pamela couldn't stay away from the 13-year-old, apparently. After serving 9 months in jail, she was arrested a second time in 2006 and received an extra two years for contacting the boy and sending him sexually explicit texts, photos, and videos of herself.

Credit: AP Photo/The Southern Standard

She just didn't get enough rehabilitation the first time, that's all . . .

Sandra Beth Geisel

Credit: AP Photo/Tom Killips

Sandra "Beth" Geisel walks past the media as she turns herself in on Aug. 2005 to police. Geisel, a former English teacher at an all-boys Catholic high school was charged with rape for allegedly having sex twice with a 16-year-old student, once in a press box above the school's football field. Some believe she was actually the victim.

Credit: Colonie Police Department

Amber Jennings

Amber Jennings, of Sturbridge, Massachusetts, is shown at her arraignment in August of 2004. The 30-year-old Shepherd Hill Regional High School teacher was accused of having a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old student. She faced charges of inducing a minor under 18 "to have unlawful sexual intercourse" and sending him nude photos of herself.

photo credits: AP/The Telegram & Gazette

Amber Jennings pleaded guilty to "disseminating harmful materials to a minor," in a plea agreement with prosecutors. According to court documents, she admitted emailing a 16-year-old student nude pictures of herself under the screen name "Redsox6606whore."


Carrie McCandless

Credit: AP Photo/Sherri Barber

Carrie McCandless, shown in this June 2007 photo during her sentencing hearing at Fort Collins, Colorado, was found guilty of having an inappropriate sexual relationship with a high school student. The 29-year-old was sentenced to 45 days in jail, five years on probation and a four-year deferred sentence

The former Brighton Collegiate High School teacher and wife to the school principal, was accused of having sexual contact with a 17-year-old student while chaperoning a school camping trip. She turned herself in to authorities in Nov. 2006.

This bird's so hot she even looks good in her mug shot:

Credit: AP Photo/Jefferson County Jail

Lisa Glide

Credit: WCBS

Soap opera actress turned high school drama teacher, Lisa Glide, was sentenced to five years probation after pleading guilty to having sex with a high school student twice off campus. But the supposed 17-year-old victim says he pursued her. According to, at Glide's sentencing, the victim - now a college sophomore - sent a letter on her behalf claiming "Lisa Glide was not a sexual predator."

Melissa Petro

Credit (above & below): personal photos

Melissa Petro, a New York City elementary school teacher, has been reassigned after her school discovered she was a former prostitute. According to the New York Post, the tattooed sex worker taught art at Bronx elementary school PS 70 for three years and managed to keep her past life a secret from parents and faculty.

The revelation occurred when the 30-year-old wrote an online article in The Huffington Post on Sept. 7 criticizing popular online classified Craigslist for removing its "adult services" section, which carried sex-related advertising, reports The New York Times.

Tericka Dye

Credit: CBS/KFVS

Missouri woman Tericka Dye a.k.a. Tera Myers resigned from her job as a high school science teacher after students learned that she was once porn star Rikki Andersin and appeared in X-rated films.

Do a Google search of Tericka Dye and/or Tera Myers and select images - this bird gave it her all in her porn career and I mean ALL. Science? I'm surprised she wasn't teaching GYM - S.L.

Tara Driscoll

Credit: Nassau County Police Department

The New York teacher was charged in August 2011 with having sex with an underage student at a Long Island motel. According to police, the victim's mother found out and contacted authorities. A board of education spokeswoman said Driscoll was removed from the classroom in May.

Loni Folks

Credit: Hattiesburg American

Loni Marie Folks, a Missouri elementary school teacher, pleaded guilty in 2008 to having sex with a 16-year-old student. She was charged with sexual battery after she was accused of sleeping with a 16-year-old male foreign exchange student from Italy staying in the home of Folks and her husband. She was given a 12-year suspended sentence and required to register as a sex offender.

Stacy Schuler

Credit: Warren County Jail

The 33-year-old high school health and gym teacher from southwest Ohio was convicted of having sex with five students. Some of them were football players. According to The Middletown Journal newspaper, a former high school football player testified that he and a friend had sex with Schuler at her home. The student said he had sex with his teacher a total of seven times during five visits.

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  1. Interesting subject that just goes to show how strange life is. I also think that Ms. Dye got a raw deal as she really did nothing wrong as a Teacher. Its typical that the Administration decided to play it safe and dump her.

    1. Neither did Petro, so much for second chances in life!

  2. Lafave got off early because she had twins and may or may not be a changed woman. (her father is a retire power company exec)
    As said before where were these women when I went to school?
    Feel bad for the 2 women who seemed to have changed their life around but their past caught up with them.

  3. Funny how the "deviant" porn stars and prostitutes can keep their hands off the kids but the 'wholesome' teachers can't...

  4. I agree. The porn star didn't do anything wrong as a teacher. And quite frankly, although some may find the work distateful, she was working as a porn actress. If she wasn't bringing her former work to school, I don't understand why she should be penalized. If anything, the school could have said "hey, look, she changed and shows that anyone can change for the better". Ridiculous.

  5. Looks like someone at CBS online stole your post and photo gallery:

  6. This is probably kind of messed up to admit. But there's not much I wouldn't of given to lose my virginity to some of the beautiful woman when I was thirteen. It certainly would of beaten the hell out of countless hours wasted looking at nude pics and being rejected by girls that didn't look half as good as these woman. It's a strange world indeed.

  7. getting caught is the problem

    1. These intelligent, educated women being stupid is what got them caught. e.g. EVERYONE knows that highschool boys can't keep their mouths shut.

      Now the ones "doing" students between 9 and 15 should go to jail!

  8. Now that she's out of jail what is Pamela J. Turner doing?

  9. Where were these hoes when I was in high school!!

  10. what's the common denominator in these stories ?