Tuesday, March 12, 2013


. . . 16 BILLION rounds of ammunition, 2700 MRAPs and a population that sees no real need for a Constitution when you have a Man-God for a leader.

Dept. of Homeland Security Mine-Resistant Armored Personnel Vehicle (MRAP)- one of 2700

Poll: 41% Of Democrats Say Obama Should Be Allowed To Unilaterally Kill American Citizens With Drone Strikes On American Soil

Good grief, these were the same people who ranted endlessly against how evil George W. Bush was for denying (non-American) al-Qaeda members Constitutional rights when captured on the foreign battlefield.

via Fox News:

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From AllahPundit at Hot Air


  1. Guess this is what happens when "In God We Trust" refers to Obama.

  2. I think it's 1.6 billion rounds, not 16 billion.

    Troubling either way.

  3. I rounded up . . . why you bustin' my balls ? ? ?

  4. The Irish Dragoness:

    It is 1.6 billion rounds but that is over a number of years (multiyear contract). When the math is all said and done and the rounds are divided amongst all armed personnel, including the coast guard and border patrol, each end up with a little over 2000 rounds per quarter for training and qualification. That is less that some competition shooters use for practice in a day. Also, DHS doesn't have 2700 MRAPs, they only got 16. The 2700 number comes from the number of MRAPs that were refurbished for the Marine Corps. There was a mix up in the reporting. Even if DHS did end up with 2700 MRAPs it's not the end of the world. There were about 12,000 in Afghanistan, which is about the size of Texas, and they didn't do much good.

  5. When I was in the Infantry, we fired less than 400 live rounds during marksmanship training & qualification, twice a year.

    When I served in Special Forces, that number increased significantly, depending on the mission. As a doorkicker and breacher in a direct action unit with a classified mission, we went through at least 1000 rounds a week - but only when we were training, not every week. There is no way that every armed officer in Federal service has a requirement for that kind of training.

    2000 rounds per quarter is an extraordinary amount of marksmanship training for law enforcement and security.

    1. The Irish Dragoness

      It's still not the end of the world. Neither my husband or I are worried about it.

    2. 2000 per quarter works out to 666 per month - fancy that! It's an extrodinary number for law enforcement qualification purposes. And thats assuming there are 200,000 armed federal agents (1.6 billion/8000). Are there really that many? It was explained that they're buying in bulk to save taxpayer money - that's when the BS detectors went off.

    3. The Irish Dragoness

      Remember that the Coast Guard and Border Patrol fall under DHS now. There are least 175,000 federal agents. Though it is a multiyear contract, we don't know how many years this contract stretches over.