Sunday, July 14, 2013


It is still legal in this country to approach suspicious characters lurking in your neighborhood and ask them their business, apparently. And when some scumbag jumps you and proceeds to crush your skull into the pavement, it is still legal to use deadly force in defense of your life - S.L.

What we have just witnessed is a modern day electronic lynch mob energized by the likes of race-baiters Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the New Black Panther Party, who are at this time howling for George Zimmerman's head on a platter.

Witness how they portrayed Zimmerman in the media - as a Klansman; never mind the fact that Ku Klux Klan is a Democrat institution, endorsed by two Democrat Presidents (Wilson & Clinton). Funny how they always conveniently overlook these facts.

In their effort to make this into a race thing, the New York Times labeled Zimmerman a 'white Hispanic' (something I have never seen on any of the forms I filled out immigrating over here, throughout my Army career, getting married, registering my children's births, registering to vote, nothing; I have never seen this demographic.) This a sick on so many levels; George Zimmerman had a black grandparent - he could never join the Klan. Anyway, if the New York Times refers to Zimmerman as a 'white Hispanic', does this make Obama a 'white African-American'?

Why does our society turn a blind eye to dozens of killings a day in Chicago and yet get in a feverish uproar over a self-defense shooting that happened 17 months ago? Hey Al and Jesse; go to Chicago. That's where MURDERS are taking place.

Zimmerman did NOTHING ILLEGAL- local law enforcement who arrived on scene could not find anything to charge him with. Consider; they had a dead body on their hands and the shooter standing right there - those guys had to be right as rain to not charge Zimmerman. It was only AFTER the professional race-baiters in this country drummed this thing up via their willing accomplices the Lamestream Left-Leaning Media, the Obama Administration Dept of Justice (led by reverse-racist Eric Holder) stepped in and exerted pressure to place charges on Zimmerman.

Obama & Co politicized Zimmerman case from the git go; "If I had a son he would look like Trayvon Martin," stated Barack Obama.

For the President of the United States to personalize a situation like this is not only beyond the pale, it is incredibly irresponsible, considering the civil unrest we are now bracing ourselves for.

The charges the Feds pressured Angela Corey to bring - second degree murder - were so groundless the judge (a lifelong Democrat) instructed the jury to consider the lesser charge of manslaughter AFTER the Defense rested it's case. The legal term for this is: "Moving the goal posts."

If I had a son, he would not look like Trayvon Martin; but I have a whole helluva a lot of friends & colleagues who look like George Zimmerman. A lot of my friends are black, and NONE of THEM look like Trayvon, either.



  1. you hit the nail on the head....

  2. Right on, brother!

  3. I read that there have been, since Trayvon was shot, 11,000+ black Americans murdered by other blacks....but this is the one they get upset over.

    I am reading Stephen Douglass' autobiography and his life as a slave and while it isn't my place to tell people what they have felt, these people bringing up slavery have NOT lived anything like slavery and to equate the two is foolishness from fools.

    Interestingly, Stephen Douglass observed - I'll paraphrase "I know some people who were black who were not slaves, and whites who were not slave owners, and others who were nearly white who were slaves, so the basis of slavery was not built upon color." (You can get the book free on the Gutenberg Press for a laptop Kindle.

    In an age of conflict, turning to the Justice System for peace is folly - and even Stephen Douglass who endured slavery put the fates of persecutors into the hands of the Almighty and bore witness of eternal justice. But using anothers' sins to justify sin and call it justice is a devil's folly and now we have again the blind leading the blind. And making a lot of money off of it while purporting to look out for their "Followers."

  4. If this case was in the UK Zimmerman would have been given a life sentence and Trayvon Martons parents would have been given millions in compensation. Its good to see that the American justice system actually works.

  5. I worry about the double jeopardy situation - the Obama administration seems determined to charge him with civil rights violations. This is not a good thing = politicized government that wants to get you, can get you.

  6. AsiaHK - (with)holder was just on the teewee stating that 'his' department is now 'investigating' (translation : how are we going to get him) the case as a civil rights further comment needed.

    OTB MCPO sends...........