Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Congratulations to the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William on the birth of their son, the future King of England - S.L.



  1. Long to reign over us!

    Gawd bless the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand & the many banana-monarchies of the Caribbean!

  2. Long live the Queen!

    (Especially if she can outlast her jug-earred eldest son, and pass the crown across a generation in the meantime.)

  3. I read elsewhere a comment about us fighting a war a while back so that we would not need to concern ourselves with British royalty....

  4. You were misinformed.
    We fought the war so we don't have to kowtow and genuflect to British royalty.

    You may therefore ignore them at your whim. But felicitations to the sovereign of a friendly and allied power are what civilized people do, particularly on the occasion of great-grandchildren.

    No one's arguing for giving Massachussetts or New York back. (Although, come to think of it...)

  5. It sad to think that George will probably never get to rule as within 20 years the UK will be an Islamic State, and Buckingham Palace will just be the grand mosque of Britain. Most Britain have their heads buried in the sand and are sleepwalking into oblivion.

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