Friday, July 19, 2013


This is actually Part II of Outlaw Platoon - the miraculous story of a collection of soldiers who became a Band of Brothers, fighting without hesitation, and creating a unit more capable and devastating to the enemy than their numbers would have you think. - you can see Part I HERE This is the second part of the true life story about a platoon that sat in the crossfires of the Taliban's strongest forces - S.L.

In 2006, LT Sean Parnell and the men of Third Platoon deployed to one of the most dangerous area of Afghanistan, less than 10 miles from the Pakistani border. Their mission was to seek out enemy positions and thwart the movement of insurgent forces, into and out of the save haven of Pakistan, to disrupt and destroy this network at all costs. On June 10, they were under a fierce assault by the Taliban and enemy insurgents. RPGs and Mortars rained down on them and machine gun fire seemed to come at them from all directions. If they didn't get help soon, the outcome looked grim for Sean Parnell and the men under his leadership, known as the Outlaw Platoon:

What I love about this story is that these guys weren't Delta Operators or Navy SEALs, they were Infantrymen who had to figure out how to survive. It's pretty riveting stuff. This 3-part series will conclude with Outlaw Platoon part III next month.



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