Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I wonder if the young men who follow the saggy-baggy-pants-down-around-the-ass-with-underwear-showing fad understand the origins of this look?

The down-around-the-ass-with-underwear-showing look originated in prison. In the prison culture, there is a lot of homosexual sex, of course. Men who would not otherwise engage in this sort of sex do so, because of the prison environment = 100% lack of females. As one can imagine, a lot of homosexual rape goes on in prisons as stronger males force themselves upon the weaker ones.

There is a sub-group in prison; those who willingly offer themselves for the submissive role in homosexual sex. These individuals do this for a number of reasons; in exchange for favors, protection, or they are genuinely homosexual. These individuals signal their orientation by ... yes you guessed it ... SAGGY-BAGGY-PANTS-DOWN-AROUND-THE-ASS-WITH-UNDERWEAR-SHOWING ! ! !

So the next time you see some young men sporting this annoying look, take the liberty of informing them of where the look originated, and WHAT IT REALLY MEANS.

I particularly invite my lady readers; the next time you are out & about shopping at the mall or whatever, and you see a young man or men sporting the pants-down-around-the-ass-with-underwear-showing look, you can smile sweetly and say, "Oh, I thank you for having paid your debt to Society."

And when the clueless moral reprobate(s) inevitably says "Huh? Wuffo you talkin' about, bitch?" you can indicate his saggy pants with and reply,

"I can see that you spent time in prison by the way you wear your trousers down around your ass like that with your underwear showing. Everybody knows that you are signalling that you take it up the tailpipe, of course. I suppose because we're not in prison here and now, that you continue to wear your trousers that way because you are openly homosexual. That's nice. How do you feel about gay marriage?"

Who knows? If enough people get the word out, this could be the beginning of the cure of this disgraceful fad.



  1. Which is why I have a quiet chuckle every time I see that idiocy ;-)

  2. Snopes also says Obama was born in Hawaii and the forged BC is legitimate but here: http://www.snopes.com/risque/homosex/sagging.asp

  3. The fad came about long after my time working Corrections, but knowing the prison grapevine- anyone opening shop wouldn't need to advertise!

  4. Have you ever seen one of these chuckleheads try and run wearing this get up? Too funny! The cops don't mind it either.

  5. I worked in corrections for 25 years and never saw this. The "girls" don't want baggy clothes. They want them skin tight to show off their stuff. Everyone knows who's 'available'.

  6. I am a retired Captain from NYC Corrections dept, 20 years on rikers island never heard of this, the real reason is we took belts away which caused pants to sag. but we did not allow them to walk around like that unless they wanted a kick in the ass.

    1. Why all youse prison guard dudes bustin' mah flava?

  7. sorry storm just keeping it honest.