Monday, November 11, 2013



We honor the millions of Americans who have donned the uniform of military service and have valiantly fought to build, improve and defend our nation's freedom. May God bless our heroic service men and women and the families that support them. Thank you for your service.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the people at NRA/LOD and Brownells for their continuing support to the Line of Duty professions and to veterans. I am a US veteran, and as an immigrant it is the greatest honor for me to say those words. We veterans appreciate all the positive attention and good vibes we are getting these days. When I arrived in this country it was still the post-Vietnam era, the negativism of the Vietnam anti-war movement still prevailed, sadly, and the Vietnam Veterans were not as visible then as they are now. That is the nicest thing I can say about the situation in those days.

Regarding NRA LOD - there was never any question of my support. I am an NRA member and I appreciate everything the Line Of Duty program does to support the men & women of the military, law enforcement, emergency responders and security professions. It is an honor to be associated with NRA-LOD.

Sincerely, Sean Linnane, a.k.a.


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