Friday, November 8, 2013


Manatee Season has started at Blue Spring! On October 28th, Manatee Specialist Wayne Hartley counted 23 manatees at the park. No adoptees yet, but the day before, Squeaky’s mom Amber was in and brought along a new sibling for Squeak. Wayne snapped a pic. Mom Amber is the one snoozing and a manatee Wayne calls U2-13 was babysitting. Squeaky’s sib is on the left.

We'd been married for about a year and I was back on an operational detachment - the battalion dive team. To generate interest in my work, I showed TigerLily some footage of the underwater world in Florida. She was particularly struck by the manatees.

"What it DO?"

"What do you mean 'What it DO' ???"

"What it DO? It just FLOAT THERE. Everything do SOMETHING. This thing do NOTHING! What it DO? It just FLOAT THERE, DO NOTHING! Just PIECE OF MEAT with EYES ! ! !"

She's absolutely right, of course. I learned early on not to argue with my wife. She has an inner sight that surpasses any kind of conventional knowledge or wisdom . . .


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  1. Having spent a few years working marine construction in Florida I can tell you they love to drink beer, they do need help holding the bottle though. I sure hope the statute of limitations has run out on those incidents.