Monday, November 4, 2013


Yep, time in the Machine changes you that's for sure . . . for one thing, war movies are ruined for life . . . for you, and for everyone around you . . . S.L.

It's horrible . . . I really like action movies or should I say I once liked action movies . . . when the shrink asked me "Any PTSD, anything like that?" I wanted to say, "Sure. War movies suck. The only way they could make a realistic war movie is if people came out of the sides and started firing at the audience."

Good thing I kept that to myself . . .



  1. HAW! ....there's a lot of things we keep to ourselves as veterans because...well...we are the defenders of the civil proletariat's "reality" if not freedom to enjoy that "reality" and work to keep reality at bay and overseas, keep the "F" in "VFW" and well...might just take a bit of reality to straighten things up....but I hope not....looks like reality is headed here and at a fast pace from where I'm standing....

  2. No time "in the machine" needed if you happen to be a perfectionist who finds it annoying that Bruce Willis can make a car explode with his handgun. (...or something ridiculous like that...) Makes it difficult to turn off your brain and just enjoy the movie.

  3. My favorite is when someone in a hot zone gestures with their trigger hand or when they look around without keeping the barrel in their line of sight. Drives me nuts.

  4. So, add to that being an engineer who has worked MMRP, demolition, nuclear, and mining. It seems that almost every movie I see that isn't a chick flick is so far beyond believable that it makes my brain hurt.

    The only tech film that does good is Apollo 13.

    Although I have no time in the "machine" I have enough friends that have, plus growing up with a defense contractor and reading, I know enough to recognize a how bad they really are.

    I am with anon, how do you turn off your brain and enjoy the fantasy world that is hollywierd.

  5. When I go to the movies I expect that. Too funny. Gary Griffin

  6. I know. I simply cannot bring myself to enter a theater, unarmed. Too much evil has happened in theaters, going back to 1865.