Tuesday, November 26, 2013


PRAVDA - Last week the United States of America achieved a significant step towards realizing complete political evolution to the ultimate goal of revolutionary socialist republic. This glorious Great Leap Forward took place last Friday but news blackouts regarding details of the violent struggle have been elusive until this time . . . S.L.

In the five years that Comrade Barack Hussein Obama has been President, he has nominated genuine radicals who are refreshingly far out of the American mainstream, to sit on courts, be cabinet secretaries, to lead departments, agencies, and bureaus. To date, the Republicans used the counterproductive "filibuster" - an archaic parliamentary procedure from the era of oppressive slaveowner landholders - in order to keep bona fide revolutionaries out of government. Until last Friday's coup d'etat the Democrats were understandably frustrated over this because Obama won and he should be able to nominate whoever he wants.

Having no other option, Senator Harry Reid detonated the "nuclear option" device in the Capitol building, meaning that Republican votes in the Senate are now irrelevant. Radioactive damage was contained strictly in the Senate, the 45 Republicans in the Senate will not ever show up for work anymore. Whereas before under the antique filibuster rule 60 votes were required to pass anything, including a presidential nominee to a court or a cabinet post or even pieces of legislation, Harry Reid's willingness to press the "nuclear option" button literally vaporized hundreds of years of counterrevolutionary tradition and rules.

The revolutionary result of this courageous advance is that any Obama appointee or any piece of legislation will now automatically moved forward in the Senate. There is no filibuster permitted anymore. This is progress toward one quasi-independent, single-party socialist republic. The couterrevolutionary criminal Republicans will stop progress no longer, and so the Republican senators may as well not show up. Symbolic participation in committee hearings, and perfunctory self-criticism sessions will be permitted, but they no longer be allowed to impede Forward Movement.

The sublime wisdom of Supreme Leader Jarrett is that, when the majority can change the rules at any time, there simply aren't any bad rules anymore.


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