Friday, December 13, 2013


It is said that a Green Beret in the office is worth two in the bush.

Green Beret Explains Why Special Forces Training Is Better Than An MBA

Joining the U.S. Army Special Forces involves more than elite combat training. The Green Berets specialize in unconventional warfare — i.e. working with guerrillas to overthrow governments — as well as counterterrorism, foreign internal defense, and special reconnaissance.
With experience planning and executing complex operations, these veterans can also be a powerful force in the business world, according to former career Green Beret Scotty Neil.

"Let's create a formula and say, hey, we can do business intelligence like we used to do combat intelligence," Neil said. "Just as we did that meticulous [intelligence and training] to track and destroy foreign fighters, if you align that with an entrepreneur and a small business owner, [a business plan] would have the same traits."

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FWIW I am a security consultant, an ITC-qualified instructor, instructor-trainer and training developer, and technical procedure writer. I have extensive experience in leadership and planning, and have successfully navigated from the military to the corporate environment. I will be off contract this month, available in January 2014 . . .


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