Wednesday, December 4, 2013

NRA News: VETS - Dom Raso

Former Navy Seal Dom Raso highlights a bureaucratic flaw that’s unfairly stripping veterans of their Second Amendment rights — and tells you how to help get it fixed.


Under Obama’s administration, there’s been a serious downsizing of our military. I’ve got my own thoughts on that, but I’ll save them for another time. Reality is, we’ve got a large number of people getting out of the military with a ton of combat and military experience; men and women being thrown back into civilian life. There have been several incidents already involving these vets and their rights being taken away from them.

Recently, there was a vet that had to defend his home from a felon who was trying to break in. He fired a warning shot in the ground to scare the guy off and then told the police that his military training kicked in. Now whether that’s true or not, or even if he went into combat mode, the guy was having his house broken into. He clearly stated to the guy that was trying to force entry into his home and that he was going to give him a warning shot if he didn’t stop his forward progress. All he did was fire a warning shot into the ground, and then the criminal ran off.

But the focus wasn’t on the convicted felon trying to break into his house; it was on the veteran who did everything possible to safely defend his home. The police actually took his gun away. There is something seriously wrong with our system if we are stripping his gun away because according to the police, he wasn’t justified to discharge a round. According to our oh-so-knowledgeable Vice-President, that’s exactly what he should be doing to ward off would-be attackers and burglars.

Sounds like our Vice-President is giving us some false info. That was an unfortunate situation that affected one person, but I also want to talk about a serious problem that’s resulting in many more vets losing their Second Amendment rights for no reason. When a vet is eligible for disability compensation or other benefits, they go through an evaluation process. The way it’s set up right now, if the vet has someone else appointed to manage those benefits on their behalf, they somehow get labeled “mentally defective” and are entered into a background check system as someone unable to buy a gun. This is absolutely wrong. The VA’s review process for assigning a bookkeeper to a veteran in no way determines whether that veteran poses a risk to himself or others. It’s only meant to determine whether or not a veteran needs help managing his or her VA benefits. That has nothing to do with their ability to safely exercise their Second Amendment rights.

More than 100,000 veterans and their family members have been affected by this problem. You can’t just take someone’s right away to bear arms because they need help in other areas. When these guys were overseas risking their young lives for our freedom, the government had no problem putting an M4 in their hands and letting them fend for themselves. So the very idea that that same government would let some paperwork nonsense strip them of their rights that they fought for, is absolutely disgusting.

After you watch this video, I urge you to contact your senator either on the phone or online and let them know that this is a real issue they ought to be spending some time fixing. It’s unbelievable that they’re wasting time talking about useless, unconstitutional gun control laws when there are veterans out there being stripped of their rights because of some paperwork problem. So call your senator, and let’s get this fixed.

Call your senators and ask them to support Senate Bill 572, which will correct this injustice.

Capitol Switchboard: (202) 224-3121

Regarding this situation - when I retired in '08 I sensed these circumstances developing. End result - even though I'm a disabled Vet - two fractured vertebrae, two compressed disks, for starters, a pair of shot knees from decades of jumping out of airplanes and humping the monster ruck. I have never gone to the VA for a review of my benefits; none whatsoever. I simply took my measly 10% and drove on. I do not trust the Government. Now I know that my instincts were correct. - S.L.


  1. Calling your elected waste-ok-skin is one way to skin the cat.

    Suing the federal government for injunctive relief for violation of Constitutional due process should also be pursued.

    The only thing better than kicking The Man in the crotch, is a followup kick to drive the point home. The first one notifies them of the error, and the second one provides a helpful memory aid for the future.

  2. You have to know how to work the system. I am a disabled vet myself. I manage my own affairs. Now if it to where I can not then I will do a power of attorney. The VA does not have to know anything about it. All vets should get everything they can from the VA with out falsifying anything.

  3. After reading the news this week, a thought occurred to me concerning South Africa. The reason the African National Congress (ANC) resorted to 'necklassing' people was they lost their supply of AK-47 due to the fall of the Berlin Wall. They were being supplied by Communist regimes of the world. But Communism was vastly weakened now and weapons were hard to get. They then switched to gasoline with tires 'necklassing' their opponents to set them on fire.
    My point is gasoline and tires come from automobiles. If gun control continues under the present administration(I hate using that word anymore) and more controls are enacted to the point of outlawing guns, will they then have to put more and more controls on automabiles too. They can be used as weapons as already evidenced in South Africa. I know I am sounding facetious, but look how far we have descended already!