Sunday, December 1, 2013


This is what Liberals believe in . . . S.L.

If all these are RIGHTS - then who provides? Is it not more correct to say that we all have a right to Life, Liberty & the pursuit of Happiness i.e. equal opportunity to pursue our endeavors?

If all of these so-called "RIGHTS" of the Second Bill of Rights are indeed 'Rights' then they are inviolate - but again; who provides?

And if they ARE inviolate, then where is the motivation to get up, go to work and earn a decent living? If we have the right to these things, why not just kick back and wait until somebody hands them to you? Under the Socialist system, the lazy are rewarded for their sloth and the hard-working have no motivation, as the products of their labors are taken away and re-distributed to those who do not work, or work slowly. There is no motivation to work harder, as there is no reward for your endeavors.

Ergo the fatal flaw of Socialism: it rewards failure and punishes success - this is the reason Socialism has produced nothing but poverty and misery everywhere it's been tried.


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  1. May FDR's memory be forever intermingled with the socialist evil he and his kind work for.