Wednesday, August 7, 2013


I guess I hit 'Publish' too soon yesterday - a bunch of you did the research I didn't have time for and called out a few discrepancies with the bit on barcodes. "Good Onya,' like we say Down Under - S.L.

Overall reaction was postive, upbeat & objective - can't ask for any better criticism. A reader 'CJ' did a little googling and there seems to be a bit of controversy on the subject. - you might want to read this for some more bar code info.

This from Alex Down Under in the Lucky Country: Read your blog - interesting article, but just picking up a few items around me it seems barcodes are different in different countries? I'm in Australia, and none of my barcodes matched those numbers. Are they all lying?

Sheila - also Down Under - sends: GS1 is a multinational firm which assigns and registers bar codes.

The fact of the matter is I get up before dawn - because dawn's when the French & Indians attack - and I get home late after a long day of keeping Corporate America secure from Evil. Then it's family time & some adult beverages with dinner - not much bandwidth left at the end of the day.

What we had yesterday is what happens when I post something sent in blind, without vetting it. As an intell guy, I should know better. Thanks for doing my homework for me, Team - even if I'm a day late & a dollar short. Now I know who to go to next time.

By the way everybody seems to enjoy The Birds so they're staying.


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  1. You do a great job publishing interesting stuff. Perfect you probably are not. Better then most, you are. Thank you.
    Chris in Houston